The Guide about Pidove Evolution Pokemon Go

Pidove is a popular pokemon in the wildly popular mobile game Pokemon Go. With its distinctive blue plumage and rosy cheeks, Pidove is one of the most recognizable birds in the game. Whether you are looking to catch pidove pokemon go one for your collection or evolve it to help you advance through the ranks, here are some tips on how to catch and evolve Pidove in Pokemon Go.

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Part 1: Get to Know Pidove in Pokémon Go

  • Pidove is a common bird-type pokemon in the mobile game Pokemon Go. It has blue plumage with pink cheeks and two small white wings. To catch Pidove, you will need to use your standard Pokeballs or more robust items like razz berries and incense. Once you have captured a Pidove, you can use stardust and candy to evolve it into its more powerful form, Tranquill.
  • Whether you are looking to catch one for your collection or improve your game score, there are several steps that you can take to catch and evolve Pidove in Pokemon Go. Some tips include staying alert while you are playing, keeping your phone charged and using effective items like razz berries or incense to help improve your chances of catching the bird. Additionally, it is important to remember that Pidove evolves into the more powerful pokemon Tranquill once you have collected enough stardust and candy.
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Part 2: Where Can I Find Pidove in Pokémon Go?

Pidove can be found in a variety of different locations in Pokemon Go. Some popular spots include grassy areas, parks, and near city landmarks like monuments or museums. Additionally, Pidove is typically more common in urban areas than suburban or rural locations. To increase your chances of encountering this bird-type pokemon, you may want to travel to these areas or even try using incense or lures to attract Pidove and other pokemon to your location.

Whether you are looking for rarer pokemon like Dragonite or just trying to add some variety to your collection, Pidove is a great choice that can be found in a wide range of locations. With a little strategy and persistence, you can catch and evolve Pidove in Pokemon Go and start racking up those points!

Part 3: How to Catch Pidove in Pokemon Go without Moving?

UltFone iOS Location Changer is a powerful tool that can be used to play Pokemon Go without having to move around physically. With this app, you can simply change your location and visit new places in the game without actually traveling there yourself. Some of the key features and benefits of UltFone iOS Location Changer include fast and easy navigation, a wide range of different location settings, and the ability to spoof your GPS coordinates with just a few simple clicks.

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Part 4: How Do You Evolve Pidove in Pokémon?

When it comes to pidove evolution pokemon go, once you have caught a Pidove, you can start to work on evolving it. This is done by collecting enough candies for that particular pokemon and feeding them to the Pidove. The number of candies required will vary from one species of pokemon to another, so check the specific requirements for Pidove before you begin.

If you are trying to evolve a Pidove into something more powerful, such as a Tranquill or Unfezant, it is essential to note that some species of pokemon can only be evolved by spending rare and valuable evolution items. These items can be obtained through raids or purchased from the in-game store, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and stock up when you can.

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Part 5: Can Pidove Be Shiny in Spotlight Hour?

Many of the Pokemon players must be curious about a shiny hour and ask “can pidove be shiny in pokemon go” or “Is pidove shiny in pokemon go?”. Yes, Pidove Pokemon Go can be shiny in Spotlight Hour. During this time, there is a higher chance of encountering Shiny variations of different pokemon, including Pidove. This means you may have a greater chance of catching and evolving the rarer Shiny versions of these birds, which can help improve your game score or collection.

To take advantage of this increased spawn rate, stay alert and keep your phone charged while playing during Spotlight Hour. Additionally, using useful items like razz berries or incense can also help improve your chances of encountering Shiny Pidove in the wild.

Part 6: What Region Is Pidove from?

Pidove is a Normal-type, Flying-type pokemon found in the Unova region. This region encompasses several central and eastern Eurasia areas, including Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, and Korea. Pidove is one of many regional pokemon that can only be found in specific parts of the world, so it is essential to be familiar with the different habitats and environments where these can be found.

Additionally, being aware of local threats or challenges, such as climate or habitat destruction, can help you better understand the unique challenges faced by pokemon in specific regions and may even influence your strategies for catching and evolving them.

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Part 7: How Do You Maximize the Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go?

To maximize the potential of Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go, several key strategies can help you get the most out of this special event. These include staying alert and keeping your phone charged during these times, using effective items like razz berries or incense to attract more pokemon, and being familiar with local habitats so that you know where to look for specific pokemon.

Additionally, it can be helpful to team up with other players or form a local community, as this can help you coordinate and share resources, tips, and strategies during the event. Overall, by using these strategies and being aware of the unique challenges faced by pokemon in specific regions, you can maximize your chances of catching rare and powerful pokemon during Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go.


Using effective items like razz berries or incense and being familiar with local habitats can help you to maximize your chances of encountering and catching Pidove and other rare pokemon during Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go.

So if you want to improve your game score or collection, take advantage of this unique event and explore the different opportunities it offers. With UltFone iOS Location Changer, you can play Pokemon Go anywhere and anytime, allowing you to easily explore new regions and maximize your potential during Spotlight Hour.

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