How to Change Location in Happn?

Happn has helped lots of people discover friends closest to them. This dating app has a subscriber base of more than one hundred million users. Happn has been a relative success because it employs a unique algorithm that brings users closer to each other. In other words, it uses location-based technologies to help users decide who they prefer to meet at any given time. Therefore, users may wish to change location in Happn for several reasons. Highlighted below are some of the things you should know in this regard. 

Part 1: What is Happn?

Happn is among the most exciting dating apps at the moment. It is an app that has suddenly aroused the interest of many young and old people. There are prospects that this app might eclipse and overshadow big dating apps, such as Tinder and the likes, said experts.

what is happn

There are lots of things going for Happn at the moment. Some of which include the fact that it has a unique location-based service that helps to define who is a suitable match for who. The more times you cross a path with someone in the app, the higher the chances that that individual will be suggested to you as a possible match. The chances of meeting someone suggested to you by Happn are high because it usually matches people who have crossed paths in real life (The standard is within a distance of 250m or less ).

Part 2: Why Do You Need to Change Location in Happn?

There are a couple of reasons that might require someone to start looking for how to change location in Happn. For starters, location happens to be a crucial factor that influences how the app works. This unique dating app takes your location into account before serving you accordingly.

The app will only suggest matches according to your location. By default, Happn works with a 250m location restriction. Therefore, if you want to extend your search to people who live in distant locations, then you cannot help but change location in Happn.

Part 3: How to Change Location in Happn with One Click?

Changing location in Happn is not as straightforward as one would have hoped. So, it’s not strange to see many people Google “How do I change my Happn app distance?”online. If you are looking to adjust your distance in Happn or your only focus is how do I use the Happn map? then you are just in luck because you can get that done with UltFone iOS Location Changer. The beautiful thing about this tool is that it makes changing your location look like a walk in the park. Check out some of the most stunning features of UltFone iOS Location Changer below:

  • Alter your GPS location with a single click
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Steps to Change Location with One Click:

When it comes to concealing your true location for any reason, the UltFone iOS Location Changer has always turned out as a reliable option. The beauty of this tool is that it lets you change your iPhone GPS with just one click. Follow the steps below to change location in Happn with a single click .

  • Step 1 Open the program after you are done downloading and installing it. Upon opening the app successfully, it will pop up a GPS change page. Have the disclaimer box ticked before proceeding to click on Enter.

    change location on happn with ultfone

  • Step 2 Choose your preferred iDevice on the screen that comes up next.

    select an idevice

  • Step 3 It’s possible to look at the map and choose any location you desire with a mouse. Alternatively, you can manually input the location on search bar at the top corner of the screen.

    fake location on happn completed

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your location on your iPhone or any other iDevice.

Part 4: People Also Ask about Location in Happn

1. How to Hide My Location in Happn on iPhone/Android/Web?

You can hide your location in Happn through the following means.

  • For iPhone – Navigate to iOS settings > “Happn” > “Location” > “Always”.
  • For Android – Navigate to phone settings > “Applications”> “Happn” > “Permissions” > “Location”.
  • For web – the web version requires a slightly different approach that varies across browsers.
    If you are using Chrome for desktop, navigate to Click the padlock icon at the top corner. Go to “Location” and change it to “Allow”.
    If you are using Safari for desktop, navigate to “Preferences”. Then click “Websites” and then click “Location”. Locate Happn in the list > location permission should be changed to “Allow”.
    If you are using Safari (iOS), navigate to Then click “aA” – it’s at the top corner to the left. Locate “Website settings”. Go to “Location” and change it to “Allow”.

2. Can Happn Track Your Location When you are Inactive?

The answer is No. Happn is only designed to monitor your location anytime you access the app. It is not legal for apps to update your location when they are running in the background. Therefore, Happn must be active before it can track your location.

3. Can Other Users in Happn Know My Exact Location?

That’s not how Happn is designed to function. It doesn’t reveal your real location to the other users. When a match is suggested to you, your own location is what is displayed. You won’t see the other person’s location.

4. How Does Happn Track My Location?

Anytime you visit a place, you tap on the Happn map to see all the potential matches that could be 250m away or those who had visited that location before. The Happn map and Happn app use one location data for its timeline. However, this data is displayed by the map in a different format.

5. What Does the “Crossing Paths” Mean in Happn?

In Happn, it is safe to say you’ve crossed a path with an individual when you guys come within a touching distance of 250m or less. The app is designed to keep tabs on how many times you’ve crossed a path with an individual every time your path crosses in a space of 24 hours.


Are you among those asking the question - how do you add a location on Happn app? No need to rack your head on this. Download and install the UltFone iOS Location Changer on your computer and see how easy it is for you to carry out a Happn change distance.

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