IV Checkers for Pokemon Go Trainers

The Pokemon Go IV (Individual Value) checker is a tool for evaluating a Pokemon's potential. Calculators for Pokemon Go IV checker can be used to assess a player's fighting skills and strength. When comparing similar species of Pokemon, IVs are the additional values to the base attack, defense, and stamina. You can use IVs to determine a Pokemon's strength once it reaches its maximum level. Greater IV equates to stronger Pokemon.

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Part 1: What Is Pokemon Go IV

Pokemon Go IVs, or Individual Values, are used. These details aren't publicly available but reveal a Pokemon's power. When a Pokemon is caught or hatched, they are produced. The range of values is 0 to 15.

You can acquire IVs by winning Raid Battles, finishing field research assignments, and hatching eggs. The three sections of Pokemon Go IV checker are as follows:

  • Attack: A Pokemon's attack depends on how much damage it can inflict.
  • Defense: A Pokemon's defense depends on how much harm it can withstand.
  • Stamina - A Pokemon's stamina determines how long it can survive.
  • Historically, determining a Pokemon's IVs was a complex undertaking. With a Pokemon's current CP or Combat Points, HP or Hit-Point, and Stardust cost, you must interpret several factors about it. It is still speculation despite all the calculations.

Part 2: Are IV Checkers Allowed Pokemon Go?

There are a few simple methods for determining whether an IV checker Pokemon GO or calculator is unlawful. The first is whether it checks or calculates. To estimate your Pokémon's IV, IV calculators use data from the game. Contrarily, checkers typically ping the game servers for precise numbers, which is against the law. Calculators also never ask us for our Pokémon Go login information, although unauthorized checkers typically do. Just stick to the IV calculators on this list if you're unsure!

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Part 3: How Do you Check IV Percentage in Pokemon Go?

By clicking Appraise in the menu that appears on a Pokémon's screen in Pokémon Go, you can check an IV. Your chosen team captain will inform you of the performance of your Pokémon's stats.

Attack, Defense, and Stamina would all be at 15 with a 100% IV. Everything below is calculated as a percentage of the stat's maximum value of 45. For instance, an IV of 71% would be possessed by a Gengar with 10 Attacks, 10 Defenses, and 12 Stamina. Alternatively put, 71% of 45.

The team leader will use stars and a simple bar graph to show you where your Pokémon rank is. Your Pokémon has 100% perfect IVs if it has three stars and a red stamp. It has between 80 and 99% perfect IVs if it has a three-star and an orange stamp. One star indicates 50-65% IVs, while two indicate 66-80% IVs.

You may eyeball it out and determine how well your Pokémon's specific values are by counting the five stat points that make up each tick of the stat bar.

Part 4: How to Catch Pokemon Easily?

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Part 5: How Do I Get an IV Tracker?

Six victories are required, with Leon being your last opponent. When you defeat him, your Battle Tower rank will rise to Rank 4, and you'll have access to the Pokemon Box's IV checker Pokemon GO or judge feature!

Part 6: Can You Tell if a Pokémon Has Perfect IVs?

The Pokemon Center staff will add the judge feature to your PokeDex as soon as you take back control of your character after defeating the Champion. Once they've done that, you must go to any of your Pokemon in your box and press the + button twice to check their IVs.

Part 7: How to Get the Highest CP and IVs in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon with the highest possible CP at its highest level is the best in Pokemon Go. Here are some recommendations to achieve the highest CP and IVs in Pokemon Go.

  • Choose a Pokemon from Pokemon Go IV checker reddit that is the strongest.
  • Get after it! You have a more significant chance of finding Pokemon with higher IVs in several places.
  • Utilize your incubators to hatch your eggs. You can obtain Pokemon through presents or egg collections. If you put them through an incubator and walk the necessary distance, they also aid in gaining experience points and boosting candies. For 10km eggs, use your three incubators. Use your infinite incubator for eggs that are only 2 km long.
  • Your Trainer's skill is based on how much XP you have. To level up, you require more XP each time. When you do, Pokemon of a higher level can evolve and hatch. You can also level up your power.
  • To save your Pokemon, there are two locations throughout the game.
  • You can get the Pokemon from the bag. Your Pokedex lists every Pokemon you've encountered and seen and their evolution routes.
  • Play in the game environment after turning off AR mode. When the environment is consistent, it is simpler to catch Pokemon.


Everyone who plays the popular video game Pokemon wants to know the best strategies for obtaining the strongest Pokemon. The programs to gain a ballpark estimate of the potency of Pokemon's IVs are the Pokemon Go IV checker, Pokemon Go IV chart, or best buddy cp boost calculator. You can calculate a Pokemon's IV to ascertain its value. You may efficiently utilize the UltFone iOS Location Changer for GPS location spoofing and earn extra points by roaming to hatch additional eggs and strengthen your Pokemon.

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