How to Catch the Legendary Pokemon in Platinum

The video game Pokemon Platinum legendaries is widely recognized as the pinnacle of the Pokemon series among players. The excellent designs, the well-balanced game mechanics, and the developers' inclusion of mythological Pokemon and lore are only a few of the essential contributing aspects to this.

To put it another way, Platinum was the first Pokemon game where the setting appeared immersive and fully realized. Every Pokemon in the game is worth catching, but the legendaries are some of the hardest to locate. To discover more about legendaries in Pokemon Platinum and how to obtain them, let's explore deeper into this subject.

pokemon platinum legendaries

Part 1: What Legendaries Can You Get on Pokémon Platinum?

The Nintendo DS video game Pokemon Platinum was excellent. It is an improved version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to address some problems and produce a complete game. Nintendo's efforts paid off because of how well-reviewed the game was and continues to be.

For those who still need to join the Pokemon adventure, Platinum is the one to back, according to IGN, which awarded it an astounding 8.8 out of 10.

In Pokemon Platinum, you must catch the legendaries to catch every Pokemon Platinum legendaries in the game. It can be challenging to capture these Pokemon because they are "a collection of exceedingly rare and frequently mighty Pokemon."

Despite more than ten Pokemon in the game, All legendaries in pokemon platinum have the same ten crucial Pokemon. Below is a list of some legendaries in pokemon platinum.

  • Giratina: This Pokemon is located in the Distortion World's conclusion. Its level when you come across it will be 47. A legendary Pokemon from Diamond is Giratina.
  • Uxie: This Pokemon is level 50. This Pokemon. This Pokemon can be found in Sinnoh.
  • Azelf: This blue Pokemon resides in Lake Valor. You only get one chance to face this Pokemon. Azelf is level 50 as well.
  • Mesprit: There is another level 50 Pokemon in Lake Verity. Multiple encounters with Mesprit are possible. Each time, he leaves.
  • Platinum contains additional legendary Pokemon, but these are the top 10 you should be aware of so you can keep an eye out for them. Make sure to set a save point in case the battle with All legendaries in pokemon platinum you can only battle once goes wrong.

Part 2: Can I Get Arceus in Pokémon Platinum?

The level 80 event-only Pokemon Arceus can be accessed via the Azure Flute acquired from a Nintendo Event. You'll be asked if you wish to play the flute at the Spear Pillar. If so, a massive stairway appears, and the flute begins to play. The Pokemon is sleeping up the staircase, so climb up there to find it. Grab Arceus and engage in combat with him.

get arceus in pokemon platinum

Part 3: Can You Catch Mew in Pokémon Platinum?

The strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo, was first released in the Pokemon video game. It does not disappoint and has undergone a considerable evolution that makes Mewtwo even more potent than in its initial state. Pokemon have access to solid psychic abilities like disorientation and recovery.

Mewtwo can only be found in the Cerulean Cave, also in Kanto. Mewtwo is not present in Platinum for this reason. Additionally, you must migrate or trade for a Mewtwo to receive it.

According to specific users, Mewtwo is purchasable using Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. Once you've beaten the Elite 4, you can find Mewtwo in the cerulean cave with these in your possession.

catch mew in pokemon platinum

Part 4: How to Catch the Legendary Pokemon in Platinum

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Part 5: Can You Catch Legendary Pokémon before Elite 4 Platinum?

Before taking on the Elite Four and the Champion, you can capture four legendary Pokemon. When you and Cynthia enter the Distortion World during the plot, you can catch Giratina. However, you will have to wait until AFTER you obtain the National Dex and can travel back to the Distortion World via the Turnback Cave if you do not catch Giratina.

Visit the three lake Pokemon's caves in the lakes to start encounters after you've finished in the Distortion World and they've headed back to their homes. It is possible to fight and capture Uxie and Azelf in their caverns, but Mesprit will start to roam over Sinnoh. It's up to you whether you go after it before you beat Cynthia.

Part 6: Which Is the Best Starter in Pokemon Platinum?

You have a lot of All legendaries in pokemon platinum to choose from when the game starts. In general, selecting Chimchar is the finest choice. It has the best advantage over the kinds of Pokemon you'll find at the gyms in Sinnoh. Choose Chimchar at the start of the game if you want to have the most tranquil time possible!


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