How to Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon Go

Want to know everything about Giovanni? Then you are at the right place. People often search for how to find Giovanni Pokémon GO because it is super hard to locate him. Since he is also perhaps the evilest man in the game, you should also know how to beat Giovanni Pokémon GO? Well, don't worry. I'm discussing everything here. On top of this, find out a bonus way to play the game without going outside ever in this guide.

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Part 1: What Is the Current Giovanni Pokémon GO?

Giovanni is Team Rocket's leader who plans on stealing everyone's Pokemon and turning them against their trainers. He gives the commands which Team Rocket tries to fulfill. In addition to being a leader, Giovanni is also head of the Viridian City's Gym. So, he is the one that poses a big threat to all the Pokemons and the trainers.

Giovanni has gone into hiding after facing a defeat against Red in the Second generation. Then, he came back with Pokémon GO Giovanni Lugia and formed Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, whose main purpose is to commit crimes. Therefore, it is crucial you find and defeat him using powerful Pokemons like Sinnoh Stone Pokémon GO and many others (which you will find out later).

Part 2: Where Can I Find Giratina in Pokémon GO?

Finding Giovanni Pokémon GO is a lot difficult. You will first have to complete "A Troubling Situation" research and then go for a Special Research Quest. Special Quest can be played once every month. So, play the current quest to increase the chances of getting Giovanni.

When you keep playing and reach the fourth step, you will have to defeat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. After you win the fights, you will get a Super Rocket Radar. With this radar, you will get different coordinates of Giovanni. You will then have to travel there to battle with him. However, chances are you won’t find Giovanni sometimes.

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Part 3: What Pokemon Should I Use against Giovanni?

You can use different Pokemons to defeat Giovanni. When the battle starts, he will begin with Persian- a beautiful yet deadly Pokemon. To counter it, use those Pokemons that have strong fighting-type attacks like Conkeldurr, Hariyama, Lucario, Machamp, Breloom, etc.

After Persian, Giovanni will attack with different Pokemons, and you will have to counter all of them by targeting their weaknesses. When you look at all the Giovanni Pokemon, the best team of Pokemon that have higher chances of winning will be Conkeldurr, Kyogre, and Hydreigon. If you don't have Hydreigon, you can use Darkrai, Hoopa, or Chandelure.

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Part 4: How to Find Pokémon without Walking?

To capture Pokemons, you will have to go to specific locations, which is a bit of a headache sometimes. Luckily, we now have location spoofer apps that can change the location in the game easily. Out of all, the best software you can use to change your whereabouts in Pokémon GO is UltFone iOS Location Changer.

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That's not it. You can also control your movement using a Joystick to make the simulation appear natural. The best part? It is safe to use, and Pokémon GO can't detect it either. So, find Pokemons without moving your feet with the help of UltFone iOS Location Changer.

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Part 5: How to Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon Go

To find Giovanni, you will have to complete the research quests. The more you play the game and win, the better the chances of locating Giovanni. When you win research quests and defeat Rocket Grunts, you will get Super Rocket Radar to know Giovanni's coordinates. Use it and then spot his balloon.

To defeat Giovanni, you will need to play smartly. You should counter the Pokemons Giovanni sends by targeting their weaknesses. He sends Persian, Nideoqueen, Steelix, Rhyperior, and Shadow Mewtwo. You can use Conkeldurr, Kyogre, and Hydreigon to win the battles easily.

Part 6: Does Giovanni Come in a Balloon?

Yes, Giovanni can come in a balloon to challenge battles. Do you remember the popular Team Rocket balloon from the cartoon? Giovanni's balloon looks similar to it. So, if you see a balloon floating, chances are the time has come to square up with Giovanni.

Part 7: How Often Does Giovanni Spawn?

Giovanni spawns after a couple of months. You will not have an opportunity every other day to fight Team Rocket's Boss. You will have to locate Giovanni's coordinates using Super Rocket Radar.

And how can you get this radar? By completing the research quests that is not easy either. So, when you do go face him, make sure you use the best Pokemons to beat him. Defeating Govanni can earn you 5000 Stardust, Max Potions, Max Revives, and lots of other things.


All in all, it is a difficult task to find and beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO. You will have to complete the Research quests and wait to get Super Rocket Radar. Then, use this Radar to find the hideout of Team Rocket's leader and then use Conkeldurr, Kyogre, and Hydreigon to defeat Giovanni Pokémon GO. If you want to play Pokémon GO without any hassle, you can use UltFone iOS Location Changer. With this app, gamers can change your current location in the game with just one click only. You can also create routes and stop points too. Furthermore, you can also control the movement to outsmart Pokémon GO. The game will think you are on the spot, but in reality, you will be on your bed or couch. So, download UltFone iOS Location Changer and play Pokémon GO with ease!

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