A Comprehensive Guide to Get Incubators in Pokemon Go 2024

Are you hunting for a few Pokemon Go secrets to hatch some rare eggs? The following guide on how to get incubators in Pokemon Go holds the key to your search. So let’s get started!

Part 1: How to Get More Incubators in Pokemon Go?

How to get more incubators in Pokemon Go Reddit queries have garnered hype among players for quite some time. Let’s discuss the top 6 tried and tested approaches for how to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go.

    Way 1: Leveling Up

    Leveling up is a mandatory part of Pokemon Go, which elevates your trainer level and helps you figure out how to get incubators Pokemon Go for free.

    As players level up, the game awards them items, such as Pokeballs, incense, lucky eggs, and incubators. Once you cover a required distance, these incubators can place eggs that ultimately hatch into a new Pokemon.

    level up fast

    Way 2: Purchase With PokeCoins

    The more you advance to a higher level, the harder it gets for you to jump levels again. Hence, another great way how to get more incubators in Pokemon Go is by purchasing them from the cash shop with PokeCoins.

    You can cash up on your PokeCoins by participating with your Pokemon in gym events. The longer your Pokemon can defend itself in the gym, the more coins you’ll be able to earn.

    The key here is to pick gyms with a high turnover rate to maximize your earnings. Such gyms are usually ones that are often battled over by others.

    Way 3: Events and Timed Research (Get Free Incubators)HOT

    The sole reason players search how to get incubators in Pokemon Go is to hatch eggs quicker without walking lengthy distances. Here is a good answer for you!

    The UltFone Location Changer program enables players to cover considerable distances without walking. You can use it to visit specific locations, such as parks or stores, to participate in special Events and Timed Research.

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    Here’s how you can use this software to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go:

  • Step 1: From the home screen, switch to the Single-Spot Movement tab and again hit the Enter button.

    spot to spot movement
  • Step 2: In this tab, you’ll start with a spot as your current location. You can modify the current location as in the first method. After that, search for the destination spot and tap on the “Start to Move” button.

    choose a virtual route on the map
  • Step 3: After specifying the destination spot, you can adjust the speed of your movement with walking, cycling, or driving simulation.

    fake iOS GPS movement between two ponts
  • Continue moving, and the location of your iPhone will keep on changing accordingly. You can pause or stop whenever you want and disconnect your device after you are done.

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    Way 4: Adventure Sync Rewards

    The Adventure Sync option in Pokemon Go tracks the distance you can walk within a specific timeframe and awards players special items, including incubators, for succeeding.

    However, to avail of this feature, you must ensure that the Adventure Sync option is enabled in your game’s settings menu. This syncs the game with other fitness-tracking apps on your device, such as Google Fit or Apple Health, to track your steps while offline.

    When you complete certain milestones, you can achieve awards that sometimes include incubators. These rewards can be claimed once you open the game and are stored in your inventory.

    pokemon go adventure sync

    Way 5: Gifts From Friends

    Pokemon Go has a gift-giving system enables friends to share and receive gifts, including incubators. Remember that the higher your friendship level is in the game, the better the gifts you can receive from friends.

    Way 6: Limited-Time Boxes

    The in-game shop offers limited-time boxes with special deals and discounts on certain items in the Pokemon world. This makes it easier for players in Pokemon Go how to get egg incubators.

    Through these opportunities, you can purchase incubators at a low cost or get bundles with an incubator, among other valuable items. Although you can’t know when a limited-time event will become available, it’s still worth the wait.

Part 2:How do Super Incubators work?

A super incubator allows you to hatch eggs faster, owing to its distance multiplier. This means you no longer have to walk endlessly to fulfill the hatching requirements. Super incubators enable eggs to hatch even when players cover a small distance.

Part 3:FAQs about How to Get Incubators in Pokemon Go

1. How do I get another infinite incubator?

Players are awarded a single infinity incubator when they start their Pokemon Go journey. This incubator can be used an infinite number of times without disappearing. However, acquiring or purchasing another infinity incubator throughout the game is impossible.

2. How do you cheat hatch eggs in Pokemon Go?

Software such as UltFone Location Changer is an excellent avenue for players to hatch eggs without covering large distances by spoofing their location.

Final Thoughts

With location spoofing software such as UltFone Location Changer, you don’t have to worry about how to get incubators in Pokemon Go anymore.

You can now go ahead and hatch as many eggs as you desire without walking, catch rare eggs, and achieve a high level of mastery in the game!

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