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My new SD card suddenly won't show up for no reason and I've tried to read it on another computer, but the result turns out the same. Thanks to UltFone Windows Data Recovery, although the SD card still cannot be detected, I've got all my important data back. Now there's no fear at all~


recovered files from lost.dir folder

I deleted some important files in Android lost.dir folder but fortunately now I recovered them using UltFone Windows Data Recovery with the help of a card reader



this Mac data recovery tool is easy to use and recovered all my corrupted files.


recovered files from unaccessible external hard drive

It's really wired that I can open the external hard drive on my computer but failed to access the files on it. And some so-called hard drive repair tools cannot fix the problem at all! Instead, it's safer to use the data recovery tool, which is also with higher success rate.


It works like a charm on my Mac!

Well, it's a tragedy that I remembered that I've backed up my files using Time Machine, but when I want to find them in the volume, nothing was there... Thus I have to find ways to recover the files, which is really a headache for me. But luckily, I found and downloaded this UltFone Mac Data Recovery and it magically recovered all the files I want. Although losing data is annoying, on the other hand, I was also a lucky man to find the solution quickly [smile face]



It's frunstrated that my bulk USB drive cannot be read on my computer, and I've tried to reboot the computer, change the USB port, check the settings in my computer, but none of them worked. After searching online for the reason, which shows that maybe it's corrupt cause I ejected it from the computer in a wrong way, I saw that there's a way to recover corrupt USB data using UltFone Windows Data Recovery, so that my loss can be minimized at last.



This software is quite user-friendly, at least every step is easy for me to follow, by the way, I don't have any professional background. And most importantly, it did recover my lost image files. Recommend it to you guys!


It successfully recovered my USB data

I don't know what happened to my USB flash drive, it just cannot be recognized and I've tried all the methods such as reboot my computer and try to use another USB port and cable, but they all failed. So the last choice is to recover and save the data in it and I'm lucky to find the UltFone Windows Data Recovery online, it's really done a good job and helped me access all the data.


turely helpful software

I mistakenly formatted some important photos, but fortunately they're now recovered now! Thanks!


worked on my Mac

It did recover my deleted files, which mean so important to me. Thanks a lot!