What Does iCloud Locked Mean? Here's All You Need to Know

Being an Apple user comes with some perks over an Android user, one of the major features is the iCloud backup and restore. It is one of the most reliable and efficient methods of storing and retrieving your data, hence most of the Apple users would have a backup stored at the portal. To glide it towards our topic, does iCloud locked mean that the user won't be able to use the iCloud feature in that device? 

Well, there are far more things that are restricted on an iCloud locked phone than just the backup function. Are you finding a cheap iCloud locked phone at an online store? Do you think it would be an absolute bargain? Well, then go through the article below, where we explain what does iCloud locked mean and everything related to it.

Part 1. What Does iCloud Locked Mean

icloud locked idevices

If you are about to buy an iCloud locked device, you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the device offers you with the lock enabled. Some people lost their phones and to protect their privacy, they logged in to find my iPhone and enabled the lost mode on it. This resulted in the device getting iCloud locked. The device now works as nothing else except a good dummy, but buying a dummy at an actual iPhone's price is obviously not a good idea. The device would open up to the screen with a pop-up stating "the iPhone is locked with an Apple ID", and you can't do anything else with the device.

Part 2. Is iCloud-Locked iPhone on eBay Stolen

This has got to be one of the most frequently asked questions on the tech forums, and rightly so. Suppose you are looking out to buy an iPhone from eBay, and type your desired model with a price ascendancy filter. In that case, you might be joyed to find some iPhones selling from a starting price of $50, but your joy won't last long as the description would have included the iPhone to be iCloud locked. After having already discussed how an iCloud lock works, it would not be a fair judgment to say the owners locked themselves out of the phone, and don't remember any credentials required to reopen it. It is fair to believe that most if not all of the iCloud locked phones available were either stolen or lost, where the finder didn't wish to return it.

Part 3. Is it Safe to Buy an iCloud Locked iDevice

Considering the above discussions and what we know, paying for an iPhone that is iCloud locked is similar to paying for a Mercedes that cannot be driven. An iCloud locked phone is most probably stolen, and there is minimal chance of recovering it easily. The Apple iCloud lock is a strong layer of security that no one would easily bypass because if it were easy, you wouldn't find hundreds of phones selling for an extremely cheap price.

Are you looking out to buy a phone that is iCloud locked? That is a red signal, and you need to be cautious. If it's an in-person deal, Ask the owner to remove the phone from their iCloud ID, if they resist or fail to do it, restrain from the deal. Keep on with a similar strategy towards the online sellers and if they can't unlock, don't settle the deal.

Part 4. Bypass This iPhone is Linked to an Apple ID with UltFone Activation Unlocker


When it comes to unlocking iCloud locked iPhone/iPad, you probably have to rely on a tool that is trustworthy and reliable to use just like UltFone Activation Unlocker. UltFone Activation Unlocker is mainly developed to bypass/unlock iCloud locked devices without damaging the hardware of the iOS device. The powerful tool has been trusted by famous media sites, including TechRadar & Macworld. The other great features to choose UltFone Activation Unlocker are:

  • Bypass activation lock when you forgot password.
  • Bypass iCloud lock on your iPad/iPhone without the previous owner.
  • Prevent remote tracking from the previous owner of the iPhone/iPad.
  • Support a wide range of iOS devices, including iPhone X and iPad Pro.
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Here is the stepwise guide to unlock the iCloud locked iOS device:

  • Step 1Launch UltFone Activation Unlocker on the computer. Click on the "Start" button and consent to the agreements appeared in the next screen.

    launch ultfone activation unlocker and consent to the agreements appeared later
  • Step 2Connect your iPhone/iPad via Apple Lightning Cable to the computer.

    connect your iphone or ipad to ultfone icloud activation unlocker
  • Step 3 When the device gets connected to the computer, follow the on-screen instructions to download the jailbreak tool.

    download jailbreak tool
  • Step 4 Once downloaded, click on the "Start Jailbreak" button to jailbreak the iPhone/iPad. After that, click "Next" to proceed.

    start jailbreaking your iphone or ipad
  • Step 5 Now, confirm your device information and click on the "Start Remove" button to unlock the iCloud lock.

    remove activation lock from icloud locked iphone or ipad

    Wait patiently and after a while, the iCloud lock will be removed from your iPhone/iPad.

Part 5. Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a Second Hand iPhone

Before you buy a pre-owned iPhone, ensure that you have checked out the following things as it will assist you in purchasing the genuine and legitimate iPhone:

  • Check the IMEI number of the device. It will help you to identify either the device is stolen or reported ever.
  • Ensure that Find My iPhone feature is disabled. If it is not disabled, ask the owner to disable it.
  • Check whether the iPhone has a network carrier lock or not.


Through this guide, all of your concerns and queries about iCloud locked iPhone/iPad would surely have been cleared. Although, buying an iCloud locked iOS device is a headache, but if you have really purchased an iCloud locked iOS device, then you must give a try to UltFone Activation Unlocker to bypass the iCloud lock, as it is safe, easy to use, and works efficiently in removing problems like "This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID".

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP Secure Download Free Download For macOS 10.15 and below Secure Download