How to Fix Google Play Services Account Action Required [Solved]

Curious about overcoming the puzzling "Google Play services account action required" message on your Android device? No worries! This article guides you through the steps to resolve it. Learn how to get rid of the "Account Action Required" prompt and regain device control. In this guide, we unravel the error's mystery and provide straightforward solutions. Get ready for a smoother Android experience as we lead you toward a hassle-free solution.

Part 1: Why Google Play Services Account Actions Are Required

The notification "Google Play Services Account Action Required" can spring up unexpectedly, hinting at a few underlying issues. Here are the key reasons behind its appearance:

  • Gmail Sync Issue: Disrupted Gmail synchronization triggers the notification's appearance.
  • Outdated Version: Notification arises from using an outdated Google Play Services version.
  • Password Change: Recent Google account password alteration necessitates updating credentials for uninterrupted service.
  • Security Alert: Suspected account irregularities prompt action to reinforce security measures.

Part 2: How Do I Fix Google Play Services Account Action Required

Fix 1: Sign Out and Sign In To Google Account Again

In your journey to resolve the persistent "Google Account Action Required" alert, a simple yet impactful strategy awaits: signing out and then signing back in. This method serves as a defense mechanism against potential breaches, offering a path to rectify the situation. The following are the steps to implement this method:

  • Sign Out:

    Step 1: Access device settings.

    Step 2: Navigate to "Accounts."

    Step 3: Select your Google account.

    Step 4: Tap "Remove account."

  • Sign In Again:

    Step 1: Return to "Accounts."

    Step 2: Choose "Add account."

    Step 3: Select Google.

    Step 4: Enter your credentials.

    Step 5: Follow on-screen prompts to verify.

Fix 2: Disable Google Play Services Notifications and Enable again

Step 1: Open device settings.

Step 2: Find "Notifications" and proceed to "All apps."

Step 3: Locate and tap on "Google Play Services."

Step 4: Turn off the notification, wait briefly, then toggle it on again.

Fix 3: Update Google Account Password

When addressing the mystery behind the "Account Action Required" message, recent Google Account password changes can be the key. If you've updated your password without syncing it to your Android device, this method might hold the solution. Here's how:

Step 1: Open settings and select "Accounts."

Step 2: Tap on your Google account.

Step 3: Click on "Manage your Google Account."

Step 4: Navigate to "Security" and then "Password."

Step 5: Input your new password and confirm the changes.

Fix 4: Clear Cache from Google Play Services

When confronted with persisting issues, such as the "Account Action Required" alert, a proactive approach involves cleansing the app cache. This process wipes away accumulated temporary files linked to the Google Play Services app, often paving the way for smoother functioning. Here's how to seamlessly undertake this essential task:

Step 1: Locate and tap the Settings app.

Step 2: Within settings, select "Apps & Notifications."

Step 3: Seek the "See all apps" option and navigate to Google Play Services.

Step 4: Tap the app and choose "Storage & Cache."

Step 5: Conclude by tapping "Clear Cache" to expunge temporary files.

 clear cache from google play services

Part 3: Fix Google Play Services Account Action Required [Without Google Account Password] HOT

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Learn how to fix Google Play services account action required by removing Google Account:

  • Step 1Download And Install UltFone Android Unlock on Your Windows/Mac
    • Step 2 Connect Android Device
    • Connect your Android device, then choose the feature "Remove Google Lock(FRP)" to remove Google Account.

      remove google account
    • Step 3 Select Device OS Version
    • Now, you will jump to a new screen. Please select the OS version of your Android device and click "Start". If you don't know it, click on the "Don't know the device OS version?" option to check.

      remove google account to fix Google Play services account action required
    • Step 4 Remove Android Google Account (FRP Lock)
    • To continue, you need to check the on-screen notes and confirm. Then click on "Start". As there is a little difference in the next steps according to the device OS version you selected, so just choose your Android version and go on.

      remove google account
    • Step 5 Remove Gooogle account (FRP Lock) Successfully
    • It may take a few minutes for the Google account removal process to complete. In this way, you've fixed Google Play services account action required issue.

      fix google play services account action required successfully

Part 4: FAQs About Google Play Services Account Action Required

Q1: How do I remove a device from my Google account

Worried about safeguarding your Google account from potential compromise due to a missing device? Google offers a seamless solution by allowing users to remove connected devices remotely. Here's how to do it on your Android phone:

Step 1: Open your phone's settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap "Google."

Step 3: Select "Manage your Google Account."

Step 4: Tap the lower menu, then "Security."

Step 5: Find "Your devices" and tap "Manage devices."

Step 6: Tap on the three dots on the device to remove them.

Step 7: Choose "Sign out" and confirm.

remove a device from google account

Q2: Why Google Play service error

Google Play Store errors, often accompanied by perplexing numerical codes, materialize when attempting to download apps from the platform. These errors, including codes like 18, 20, 103, 194, 492, 495, 505, 506, 509, and 905, arise due to various reasons:

  • Google Play Store Updates: Incompatibilities arising from recent updates can trigger errors.
  • Google Cache Issues: Corrupted cache data might impede the download process.
  • Stored Data Glitches: Overloaded or erroneous data stored by the Play Store could be problematic.
  • Google Account Issues: Account discrepancies or authentication problems can lead to errors.


With our comprehensive guide to resolving the "Google Play Services Account Action Required" error, your quest for a viable solution comes to an end. Embrace the swift and effective strategies outlined here to regain seamless control over your Android device. For enhanced convenience, we recommend the UltFone Samsung FRP Bypass Tool. This robust tool not only resolves the "account action required Google" issue but also addresses various Android lock screen challenges. Unlock convenience and bid farewell to frustration with UltFone.

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