A Pokémon Go Guide: How to Raid in 2024

Pokemon Go raids are one of the game's exciting parts. Instead of just wandering here and there to collect the Pokemons, raids let you play with the other players and battle against the bosses. It’s basically a multiplayer/solo battle against the big bosses; you can fight solo or with the other players to win special rewards and prizes.

Playing the raids in Pokemon Go isn’t easy, a lot goes into it to beat the big bosses of the gym. If you’re a newbie who just started playing Pokemon Go, we’ll talk about everything from the basics to advance Pokemon Go Raids. However, if you’re a seasoned player aware of the raid but want to know more about the raids, this guide will also be helpful for you. Keep reading!

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Part 1: What Are Raids in Pokemon GO?

In simple words, raiding is a battle in which you fight with your team to take down the big boss. You’ll have to team up with the other players and give damage to the one boss at the gym to defeat it. You’ll be rewarded with special gifts and items when you beat that boss.You can’t battle against the boss solo; you’ll have to team up with the other players and give damage to the boss. There are different raids, each having an extra level of difficulty in winning the raid.

Depending on the difficulty of the raids, you’ll need the number of players to battle against the bosses. The raids can be of four levels: 1-star raid, 3-star raid, 5-star raid (legendary), and mega raids. The star 1 raid is one of the easiest, and you can win solo. However, for star 3, you would need trainers to play along in the raids to defeat the big boss. The star 5 raid is one of the difficult ones as it's a top-tier raid, and you’ll require many fellows to give damage to the bosses to win the battle. The higher the tier of the raid is, the stronger would be the raid boss, and the more players you would have on the team to fight.

The egg appears in the gym and takes 60 minutes to hatch; once that egg hatches, you have about 45 minutes to battle and take down the raid boss. After 45 minutes, that raid boss will disappear, and the gym will turn normal. Or if you capture the raid boss, you’ll receive the reward.


Part 2: When Is Pokemon Go Raid Hour?

There’s no way to confirm when pokemon go raid hour is. Pokemon Go’s algorithm automatically picks up the specified gym in the game where the egg will appear. It starts with the egg-hatching process randomly appearing in the specified gyms, which takes 60 minutes to hatch, except the mega egg, which takes 30 minutes to hatch. Once the egg hatches, it’ll decide; whether it will be a 1-star, two-star, or 4-star raid.

There are specific hours for the eggs to show up at the gym. The raid eggs would only appear from 5:00 am to 7:45 pm local time, which means you would see the raids happening around you in Pokemon Go from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm local time. It also answers the question asked by the many players in the threads; does Pokemon Go have raids at night?

It’s not safe for the players to wander outside in the middle of looking for Pokemon Go raids. So, Pokemon Go raids have timings during which you can raid. However, you can still join the remote raids if a friend or fellow sends you the invites - more on it in the next part.

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Part 3: How Do I Join a Raid?

In order to join the Raid battle of Pokemon Go, you need to meet the minimum level requirement. The minimum level required to participate in the Raid battle is 35 levels. And that means the player at level 35 and higher can only participate in the raid battle.

If you meet the minimum level requirement for a raid battle, you’ll receive a notification for a raid battle happening in your area, or you can see the raids by using the nearby feature in the game. To join the raid battle, you’ll also need the raid pass that’ll provide you entry into the raids.

Spinning a photo disc in your local gym can get the raid pass. There are two types of raid pass; normal and premium. Normal pass raids can be earned by spinning the photo disc at your local gym, while the premium ones can be bought from the shop. You can’t stack up the normal pass and can keep them one at a time.

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Part 4: How Do I Catch the Raid Boss on Pokemon Go?

The raid bosses aren’t easy to catch, and when you’re playing at a difficult tier, tier 4, or mega tier, you’ll need to be extra smart with them in the battle. However, a few techniques can increase your chances of winning the raids. Here’s a list of techniques that explains how to win a raid in pokemon go by yourself.

  • Using the Razz Berries and Golden Berries increases the chances of beating the raid bosses.
  • Don’t throw the ball immediately, but for the circle to come in size and throw it.
  • Wait for the raid boss to attack you, and throw the ball at the raid boss during the attack.
  • Move the ball back and forth on the screen a few times and then throw it at the boss; this technique also has a higher chance of beating the boss.

Part 5: Bonus Tip: Teleport to Pokemon GO Raids Quickly and Easily

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Part 6: More FAQ about Raid

Here are more answers to the question you may be coming up with while planning to play the Pokemon Go raids.

Q 1: What Are Raid Battles in Pokemon Go?

The Raids battles are fights between the players and the Gym bosses for a maximum of 45 minutes. The raid battles occur when an egg at a gym hatches after its’ appearance of 60 minutes. Players can join the raid battle using the normal and premium passes collected from the gym Photodisc and bought from shops within the game.

Q 2: How to Get Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

The normal raid passes can be collected from the Gym by spinning the Photo Disc. you can collect only one pass daily, and they can't be stacked up. However, you can buy as many premium raids passes as possible.

Q 3: How to Catch Pokemon in Raid Battles

If you’re playing at a lower tier level, such as a 1-star raid or a 3-star raid, you can beat the bosses solo by using the razz berries and golden berries. However, if the tier level is higher, you must fight with the fellow to catch the gym bosses.

Q 4: Pokemon GO Raid Finder Recommend

There are plenty of Pokemon Go Raid Finders you’ll find on the internet. The Pokeraid has all the positive reviews and is the best amongst all to find raid all over the world.


Pokemon Go raids are an exciting part of the game; however, there are plenty of things that one needs to know playing the raids for the first time. This article is the Pokemon GO Raids guide that discusses all the possible aspects of the Pokemon Go Raids. We also discussed UltFone iOS Location Changer is the best tool if you want to teleport your location in Pokemon Go.

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