How to Fix Pokémon GO AR Not Working

PokemonGo is the most popular and played game worldwide, and it's a fun experience to play. The addition of supporting the AR made it even more exciting to play. The AR makes the game's virtual world look similar to the real world, giving players an immersive experience.

However, players have reported bugs and glitches obstructing them from playing PokemonGo with AR. One of the most reported issues faced by most players is; “We’re not detecting your phone’s orientation. Would you like to turn off AR Mode?

This message indicates the AR orientation isn’t working and, hence you won't be able to play PokemonGo with AR mode on. If you’re facing difficulty playing PokemonGo with AR, here’s a complete guide to fix it in five effective ways.

ar mode not woking

Part 1: Why Is My Pokémon GO AR Not Working?

In order to fix the PokemonGo AR not working, it’s essential first to figure out what’s actually driving the issue, whether it’s your AR set, your mobile phone, or the PokemonGo app itself.

There can be two main issues driving this problem when the AR mode isn’t working; software or hardware. The software issue can be the annoying bugs and glitches that come with the new update, which the developer mainly resolves.

However, the hardware issue can be on your end, and you can only resolve it yourself. The hardware issue that can drive the Pokemon AR not working can be:

  • Faulty phone’s Gyro Sensor
  • Disabled permission to use the camera while playing game
  • The phone doesn’t have hardware Gyro Sensor

Part 2: How to Turn on AR Mode in Pokemon Go?

Turning on the AR mode in Pokemon Go is very simple and easy. But first, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Pokemon Go from the official source for Android from the Playstore and iOS from Applestore.

Once you’re pretty much sure you’re running the latest Pokemon Go version on your phone, find the Pokemon to engage it. Next, when you have found the Pokemon, tap on it, and the AR mode button/toggle will appear; tapping on it can turn on/off the AR mode.

Once you have turned on the AR mode, it will remain as it is, and you won’t have to switch it on every time you play the game.

turn ar mode on

Part 3: How to Fix Pokémon GO AR Not Working?

There can be multiple reasons why the Pokemon Go AR mode isn’t working, so we’ve mentioned all the ultimate troubleshooting and necessary steps to make it work. Try all the fixes mentioned below one by one.

3.1: Manage Permissions and Auto-Orientation

The smartphone’s OS has got quite secure, and hence they restrict the apps granting unnecessary permissions, such as accessing the device's location, mic, and camera.

However, location and camera permission is necessary for Pokemon Go in order to configure the AR mode. Make sure the Pokemon Go app has all the required; location and camera permissions.

For Android

Follow the steps to allow Permission for PokemonGo on Android.

  • Navigate to the Settings >> Apps >> PokemonGo.
  • Click on the Permission; it’ll expand the list of the permissions that can be granted to the app.
  • Make sure the location and camera permission is granted to the PokemonGo.
  • app permission

Moreover, the Auto rotation also needs to be enabled to use the Pokemon Go AR mode. You can access the screen orientation toggle from the notification panel or display settings.

auto rotate

For iOS

Follow the steps below to turn on the permission to Pokemon for the camera on iPhone/iPad.

  • Navigate to Settings >> find Pokemon Go by scrolling down and then tap to open it.
  • Click on Permissions, and it’ll open up the permission list.
  • Click on the camera toggle to turn on the permission access for Pokemon Go.

3.2: Make Sure your Device Has a Gyro Sensor (Android only)

The low budget and old Android phones mostly lack the Gyro sensor, and thus the AR mode can’t be used on them. If you aren’t sure if your Android phone has a Gyro sensor or not, you can simply check it by following the steps below.

  • Go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap on Kernel Version 3 times, and it’ll open up CIT (Control and Identification Toolbox).
  • Find the Gyro sensor in the list. If there’s the Gyro sensor in the list, it means your android device supports it.
  • Moreover, your Android device may have the Gyro sensor, but it’s damaged, broken, or malfunctioned. In order to find that out, tap on the “Gyro sensor” in the list and see if all the X,Y,Z are showing up on the screen or frozen.
  • gyro sensor

3.3: Pokemon Go Log out and in

It’s possible everything is alright on your end, but the server isn’t responding or receiving the information correctly. Logging out and logging in can fix the “Pokémon Go AR Not working” issue. Although this is the most effective method, users have found it working.

Follow the steps below to log out and log in to Pokemon Go.

  • Go to the Main Menu of Pokemon GO.
  • Find the sign-out option by scrolling down and tapping it to log out.
  • After successfully logging out, enter your credentials again and login into Pokemon Go

3.4: Clear Pokemon Go Cache (Android only)

The bugs and glitches can also disable the configuration of the device and app features. Simply deleting the cache files of the app can fix it.

Here’s how to clear Caches files on Android

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> PokemonGo.
  • Find the storage or caches option
  • Click on the cache to delete.
  • clear cache

3.5: Update Your iOS Version

If you're an iOS user and pretty much sure all the troubleshooting methods (mentioned above) are ticked marked, the Pokemon Go AR mode isn’t working. The last thing you must check is your iDevice’s iOS version. Updating your device to the latest software update can fix Pokémon Go AR Not working.

  • Navigate to Settings >> General >> Software Update.
  • If any software update is available, install it on your device.
  • update ios

Part 4: Quickly Guide: How to Play Pokémon GO without Walking (iOS Device)?

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Part 5: How to Conduct AR Scan in Pokemon Go?

Another challenging task while playing Pokemon Go is scanning the Pokostops assigned in the game. However, once you’ve finally reached the assigned Pokostops, click on the Pokestop, and then click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click scan.

Next, your phone camera view will appear. If you’re recording for the first time, plenty of prompts will appear that you'll need to accept. And finally, you’ll be able to scan the Pokestop.

Part 6: How to Play Pokemon in AR mode?

Playing the Pokemon Go AR mode is a fun experience when you’re fully aware of how it works. First, make sure your surroundings are clear, and there's a flat surface around you. Tall grass on the screen means the app has detected a flat surface.

play ar mode

Part 7: How to Catch Pokémon via Using AR+ Mode

First, find the Pokemon in the tall grass without making the Pokemon aware. The lower the Pokemon’s awareness meter, the higher your reward.

Once you have successfully approached the Pokemon, throw the ball toward the Pokemons by sliding your finger on the screen. Just like catching any Pokemon, throw the Poke ball towards the Pokemon to catch it.

catch pokemon

Part 8: Why My Pokemon Go Camera Not Working?

The camera is a must-have in order to play the Pokemon AR mode, and if it’s not working properly, you won’t be able to enjoy the AR mode. First, ensure the camera is working in the stock app, and if it’s working properly, the problem is with the Pokemon Go app.

The camera doesn’t work if the camera permission isn't granted to the Pokemon Go in the settings. Make sure the permissions are allowed by navigating to the settings >> Pokemon>> Permissions. Check if the camera permission is disabled.

Allow the camera permission for Pokemon Go if you want to use the AR mode in the game for catching the Pokemons and scanning the Poko stops.


The AR mode in Pokemon Go is a great feature that lets you see your favorite Pokemons in the real world. However, many users have reported the issue of AR not working in Pokemon Go. This article discusses how to fix Pokemon Go AR not working. Also, if you have time to catch those legendary pokemon in the game, the UltFone iOS Location Changer is the ultimate tool.

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