The Guide: How to Get and Use XL Candy Pokémon GO 2024

In the November update of the Pokemon, along with the increased level, the new Xl candies were added to the resource category of the game. This article will explain what it is and how you can effortlessly get them in the game.

There are plenty of methods to catch them in the game, the traditional ones require a bit longer effort and time. However, we’ll explain the traditional and the smart trick here in this article to catch the endless XL candies without even moving from a couch. Keep reading!

In the same update of the Pokemon, the new XL Candy was added that helps the Pokemons to level up after 40 levels to reach 50. If you’re having a hard time catching the XL candies or completely unaware of the magic of catching endless XL Candies, here’s the complete guide to getting them.

xl candy

Part 1: Do You Know the XL Candy in Pokémon GO?

The XL Candy in Pokemon Go is a special type of candy that can be used to level up the Pokemons from level 40 to 50. It was added to the PokemonGo in the December 2023 update and can only be used past 40 levels.

Just like you get the Magikarp candy, now you can get the Magikarp XL candy that’ll show up beside the regular candy when you have at least gained one XL candy for that specific type of Pokemon. If you haven’t gained at least one XL candy, it won’t show up there.

catch xl candy

Part 2: How Many Types of XL Candies Do You Have?

Besides the XL candy, there’s also a special candy called rare XL candy. It's similar to the XL candy, except for being rare. You can only get the rare XL candy if you have touched level 40.

xl candies

Part 3: How Do You Get XL Candy in Pokémon GO?

There are plenty of ways to get the Xl candies in PokemonGo. You can traditionally get them like you do regular candies. The XL candies can be gained through hatching eggs, catching pokemon, exchanging regular candies, transferring pokemon, and walking with the buddy pokemon. We'll discuss these in depth in the later part of this article.

Part 4: How Do You Use XL Candy in Pokémon GO?

When it comes to “How to Use XL Candy Pokémon GO”, it’s pretty much similar to regular candy. The XL candies can power up the XL Pokemons that have reached level 40. In order to power up the XL Pokemon, you’ll need to have 296 XL candies to level it up from 40 to 50. The Pokemons’ level from 40.5 to 50 will only consume the XL candies.

In other words, the Pokemons that have reached the level past 40 are considered the XL Pokemons and will use the XL candies to level up, meaning it won’t accept regular candies anymore to power up the last ten levels.

The higher the level you go in up between 40 to 50, the more XL candies it’ll require to level up. Moreover, the shadows in the PokemonGo are even more expensive to power up; it’ll consume 360 XL candies to max their level.

Part 5: Can You Convert XL Candy to Regular Candy?

Unfortunately, you can’t convert the XL candies into regular candies. But you can convert regular candies into XL candies. You’ll have to spend 100 regular candies to get the 1 XL candies, meaning if you flip the 1000 candies, you’ll get 100 XL candies.

The candy conversion isn’t worth it, as it requires a lot of regular candies to get a very minimal number of XL candies. It’s better to go for the other ways to catch them in the game.

Part 6: Bonus Tip: How To Get XL Candy Pokémon GO Quickly and Easily

When it comes to collecting the XL candies in PokemonGo, it requires plenty of time and effort. First, you’ll need to find those legendary Pokemons that’ll drop a certain amount of XL candies depending on their CP.

However, using the powerful look like UltFone iOS Location Changer can bypass this hassle, and you can immediately gain the XL candies and rare XL candies within no time. How does it work?

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    select an iphone to change location on zalo

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    create a location for zalo

Part 7: How to Farm XL Candy?

These are all the traditional methods to get the XL candies in PokemonGo. However, it's worth noting that you can only get the XL candies if you're at level 40 or higher. All the methods mentioned are the legal and traditional ones designed by the game developers, so you’ll definitely get the XL candies if you follow them correctly.

7.1: Catching Pokemon

  • Catching the Pokemon in the game can get you the XL candies. The higher the CP of the Pokemon, the more likely you are to get the XL candy.
  • For example, if you have found a Wild Bagon of 800 CP and 2 minutes if you have a Wild Bagon of 200 CP, you’re more likely to get the XL candy from the 800 CP Pokemon. Moreover, each Pokemon can get you from one to three XL candies.
  • Catching the mythical, legendary, and evolving Pokemon have a higher chance of dropping XL candy. These categories of Pokemons will get you the guaranteed Xl candies, but the number of the XL candies depends on their stage.
  • farm candy

7.2: Exchanging Candy

  • You can also exchange your regular candies for the Xl candies, but it’s one of the least effective ways to get them. You can get one XL candy in exchange for 100 regular candies. The most effective and shortest method is getting them by catching the Pokemons.
  • However, if you’re after some shortcut like “Pokemon go candy cheat”, we have discussed it in Part 6 of this article.
  • exchange candy

7.3: Transferring a Pokemon

You can also get the XL candy by transferring the Pokemon, and the same rule applies here; the higher the CP of the Pokemon you’re transferring, the higher the chances of getting the XL candy. However, it's worth noting that you can’t get more than one XL candy by transferring one Pokemon; the only way to get multiple XL candies is by transferring the multiple Pokemons.

7.4: Hatching Pokemon Eggs

Hatching eggs can also get you the Xl candies. The picture below shows the drop rate and how many Xl candies you’ll get per kilometer.

hatch pokemon egg

7.5: Walking a Buddy Pokemon

Walking a buddy in PokemonGo is the new addition to the game, and now can also get you the Xl candies. Just like the regular candy, when you walk the distance needed to get one regular candy, there’s also a chance to get the XL candy.

Part 8: How Does XL Candy Work in Pokémon GO?

As mentioned above, the XL candy is pretty much the same as regular candy for Pokemon. Since the Pokemon level has been increased from level 40 to 50, the XL candy will be used to level up.

After the Pokemon has reached the level of 40, it wouldn’t consume the regular candy, and hence the XL candy would be the only resource to level it up. And, that’s how you would need to use the XL candy to power up the Pokemons past level 40.


PokemonGo has been the most popular and played game for some time, and still, people play it like any other game. In the new update, the new XL candy was introduced which made it a little more challenging for the players to power up the Pokemons. This article explained how you can get the XL candies and how to use the XL candies. If you’re having a hard time catching the XL candies, the UltFone iOS Location Changer is the ultimate way to catch endless XL candies to power up your Legendary Pokemons.

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