[Latest] Best Tool to Bypass iOS 15.7 in Seconds

It can annoy you to find an iPhone with its activation locked. It is a significant security feature of the iPhone. With this feature, Apple prevents theft and protects the personal information of iPhone users. But what if you are in a situation where you may need to bypass iOS 15.7 activation lock on your iPhone? And you don't know how to do it! So, with that said, in this blog post, we will explore how to bypass iOS 15.7 activation lock on your iPhone.

Part 1. What Is iOS Bypass

It is a technique that one can use to bypass locked iCloud activation by exploiting specific security holes in iOS on iPhones running with different iOS versions. It is a process that helps users bypass the activation lock on their iDevices. So, if you forget your Apple ID and password or purchase a second-hand device with the previous owner's iCloud account still attached, you can use this method. It means you won't need to unlock your iPhone's iCloud account to use your iPhone's features. Continue reading, and let's explore how to bypass iOS 15.7.

Part 2. Is It Possible to Bypass Activation Lock without Previous Owner on iOS 15.7

Yes, you can. But it's not an easy task! Often, users find it difficult to bypass this feature. However, with the UltFone Activation Unlock, you can easily bypass iOS 15.7 activation lock on your iPhone. As a powerful iOS unlocker tool, you can bypass the iPhone lock without Apple ID and password. Even if the iCloud activation lock is set on your iPhone, this tool will help you!

Part 3. Best Tool to Bypass iOS 15.7 in Seconds [2023 Solved]HOT

If you're looking for iOS 15.7 bypass unlock tool, UltFone Activation Unlock is the best option! It is the most useful tool to bypass the activation lock without a password on any iDevice. So, if you forgot your Apple ID password or you've purchased a second-hand iPhone that locked out of iCloud, this program may help. This program works both on Windows and Mac. You can also download it free on your PC. And here is how to bypass iOS 15.7 activation lock on your iPhone.

Key Features of UltFone Activation Unlock:

  • Simple clicks to bypass iOS 15.7 within seconds, no skills required
  • Bypass activation lock on iOS 15.7 without previous owner
  • Unlock iCloud-locked iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without Apple ID and password
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without a password
  • Unlock Apple ID without password on all iOS [No jailbreak]
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Here are the simple steps to bypass iOS 15.7:

  • Step 1 Launch UltFone Activation Unlocker on your personal computer and connect your Apple device with iOS 15.7 using a USB cable to your Windows/Mac.

    connect ios 15 to computer

  • Step 2 Jailbreak Your iDevice. Before the jailbreak, you need to download a jailbreak first. Then click to "Start Jailbreak".

    jailbreak device

  • Step 3 After jailbreak, UltFone will bypass iOS 15.7 iCloud activation lock.

    bypass iOS 15.7 icloud activation lock

Part 4. Bypass iOS 15.7 via DNS Bypass

To bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, you can use a DNS server instead of third-party software. DNS bypass can unlock your iPhone iOS 15.7 if you don't have an Apple ID and password. Here's how to do it using this simple method.

Step 1: First, you need to open the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now to open the DNS server, tap the data symbol that looks like a small I.

Step 3: It depends on your area you need to put the following DNS values.

Notes: If you are from USA and Europe, you can use and Meanwhile, if you're an Asian user or the remainder of the world can use and separately.

bypass ios 15.7 via dns bypass

Step 4: Now click on the back (←) symbol, and click the "Done" button to complete the process.

Step 5: And lastly, you will be able to connect with the server after selecting "Activation Help" from the "Activate iPhone" menu.

And that's about it to know how to bypass iOS 15.7! Now you have access to iCloud-locked features. It includes apps, mail, chats, and other accounts.


So, it can be tough to bypass iOS 15.7 activation lock if you don't know the basic steps! But as you have this guide, now you have the techniques to bypass iOS 15.7. However, the best and most secure among them is UltFone Activation Unlock. This tool helps to recover your iCloud and remove the screen lock without affecting your data. So, download it to your PC now!

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID
  • Remove activation lock without previous owner
  • Log in App Store with new Apple ID after activation lock removal
  • Compatible with iOS devices from iPhone 5S to iPhone X
  • Fully support iOS 12.3-13.6
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