[New] iOS 15.4 Emoji & FAQs about iOS Emoji

Emoji are one of the most popular communication modes in the digital age. Emoji are so popular with iPhone users, and it’s only natural that Apple would want to improve them. If you’re an emoji user and wonder when your favorite iOS 15.4 emoji will be available, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can check out the iOS 15.4 Emoji and learn how to use them.

Here’s an FAQ guide about emojis and iOS 15.4 and instructions to install the new emojis on your iPhone or iPad. Let’s get started!

Part 1: What is New in iOS 15.4 Emoji?

The emoji party is getting bigger, and so are the new iOS 15.4 emojis. There are 37 new iOS 15.4 emojis in total, including a pregnant man and woman, a saluting face, a melting face, and more!  

Some emojis also have additional color choices, like the handshake emoji. You’ll find these amazing iOS 15.4 emoji packs ready when you update to iOS 15.4 Emoji this spring! The App Store is full of great apps with your brand new shiny iOS 15.

ios 15.4 emoji

Part 2: How to download iOS 15.4 Emoji?

There are a few ways to get new emojis on iOS 15. First, if you have iOS 15.4, you will automatically receive the new emoji when it updates. For those who don't have iOS 15.4, or want newer ones, here is how to get them. 

You have to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.4 update and download the new emojis.

  • Step 1: To do that, first, open the setting gear icon.
  • Step 2: Go to General > Software Update and download and install the iOS 15.4 updates.

    update to ios 15.4

Part 3: FAQs about Adding Other Emoji on iPhone/iPad

1. How to Add Other Emoji Keyboard?

Here is a simple guide to adding an Emoji keyboard on iPhones and iPad. Just follow these simple steps. 

  • Step 1: First, open your message app and then hold on to the globe icon on the keyboard.
  • Step 2: Now you are in iPhone Keyboard settings. Add a new keyboard by clicking on Keyboards.

    add new emoji keyboard

  • Step 3: A search bar appears, type “Emoji” and see Emoji Keyboard. Now add it by click.

    add emoji keyboard

  • Step 4: Now a new icon of Emoji appears next to the spacebar key.

2. How to Use Emoji from the Web without Keyboard?

Another way is iOS 15.4 emoji copy and paste from a website. Apple's keyboard doesn't have every emoji, so there are some that you need to copy from a website. 

Open emojicopy.com on Safari, and tap on the search bar. Type in the emoji you want to find. Next, copy the emoji you find with your cursor (tap and hold on to the note app). Tap back on the keyboard and paste your emoji.

Part 4: How to Manage iPhone Files/Data with One Click

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    manage iphone data with ultfone after ios 15.4 update

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    import files

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    export files with ultfone

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    add files

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    delete iphone files on computer

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    merge contact or files


There are many new iOS 15.4 emojis, but most are simply an upgrade to the emoji in iOS 15.1. You can do an iOS 15.4 emoji update from the “Software Update” in the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad and also add it manually. Undoubtedly, with the help of iOS update, it is a rising demand to manage iOS data. UltFone iOS Data Manager can help you manage iOS data within clicks. With UltFone, you can backup, restore, transfer and export more than 30 files simply by clicking without iTunes or iCloud.

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