How to Backup WhatsApp with iTunes? Any Easier Methods?

WhatsApp, simple and easy to use in every field, is one of the most used messengers worldwide. Most WhatsApp users save their valuable chat records on their mobile phones. But someone doesn't want these chats to vanish into thin air while switching devices. That’s why people want to backup their WhatsApp messages. Back up WhatsApp with iTunes is a common way. But are there any other methods to backup WhatsApp? The answer is definitely yes! Follow this post and find the proper method.

backup whatsapp with itunes

Part 1. An Introduction about iTunes

iTunes is a mobile device management utility developed by Apple Inc. iTunes originally started in 2001 as a music managing platform for iOS. Later on, it got expanded to digital libraries, e-books, and digital video content as well.

iTunes is the application software you can install on macOS and Windows operating systems. It is used to manage digital multimedia. It is also called the doorway between your iPhone and your computer.

Part 2. iTunes Backup Location

Generally, iTunes stores the backup in the primary disk of your computer. However, the location of the backup folder can be different and varies between operating systems. One of the most common questions in any related blog is: Where does iTunes store backup? As mentioned above, every operating system has a different location for iTunes backup.

iTunes Backup Location on Windows 10 and macOS

On Windows 10, iTunes backup is stored in the Mobile Sync folder. Here’s the path to that folder if you haven’t changed any location settings.

C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

You can also search for this folder in the search bar next to the windows button. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing so.

  1. 1.Type “%appdata%” or “%userprofile%” in the search tab.
  2. 2.Open the folder and look for the “Apple folder”.
  3. 3.Further, open the folder "Apple Computer" then "MobileSync" and you will see the "Backup" folder.

    itunes backup location on windows

  4. 4.Here, you will find all your iTunes backups.

For macOS, here are the steps to find iTunes backup location.

  1. 1.Press "Command + F" or click on the search bar in the finder window.
  2. 2.Copy and paste this location in the menu: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
  3. 3.In this location, you will find all of the Apple devices backups associated with your iTunes.

Part 3. What does iTunes Backup include? Does it include WhatsApp?

One of the mainstream questions while creating an iTunes backup is which data will be stored and which won’t. The sweet answer is: Everything you can download from the internet won’t be included in the iTunes backup.

To save space and time iTunes backup doesn't include the files that are easily accessible on the internet, such as Apps, songs, and videos from the iTunes store. Apps will be greyed out upon restoration so you can simply download them by tapping on the greyed icons.

iTunes backup includes local data in apps like chat history, game records, and account history. Moreover, your iPhone settings are stored in the iTunes backup. Your photos, messages, and contacts are stored in iCloud by default. So, you have your data already stored in the iCloud, it won't be stored in the iTunes backup. Make sure to check which data is stored in the iCloud and which isn't. Data like call logs and messages are not stored in the iCloud, that’s why these are included in the iTunes backup.

Does iTunes backup include WhatsApp? Yes, iTunes backup WhatsApp chat history and call logs. iTunes won’t include WhatsApp itself in the backup but it will include WhatsApp chat history and call record in the iTunes backup. iTunes backup WhatsApp photos and chat history as well as Viber, KIK, LINE, and WeChat data.

Part 4. How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to PC with iTunes?

Due to security reasons, unlike Android phones, iPhones are not allowed to create local backups by WhatsApp. However, we can use iTunes to create a data backup. iTunes doesn't have a WhatsApp backup feature but it stores backup of local app data which includes WhatsApp messages too. For this reason, we can use iTunes to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to computer. Below is the step by step guide:

  1. 1.Connect your phone and computer and allow iTunes to access it. Choose the mobile device icon in iTunes after connecting your phone to the computer.
  2. 2.In iTunes, select the option "This Computer" under the "Backups" section.
  3. 3.Here you can choose whether to encrypt your WhatsApp backups or not. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to restore encrypted backups if you lost your password.

    backup WhatsApp to computer with iTunes

  4. 4.Start the backup procedure by clicking “Back Up Now”.

Please note that this is an unofficial method to create a local backup for WhatsApp data. This method is not mentioned anywhere in the official forums or guides and it may not be 100% effective as well as it does not guarantee to back up all of your chat records and call history. Moreover, to use this method you will need to restore your whole device. You can’t only restore WhatsApp messages. This means you will lose any content you stored after your last backup once you restore the iTunes backup.

Part 5. One-Click to Backup WhatsApp on Android & iPhone without iTunes

Creating WhatsApp backup seems like a complex task but it’s not. You don’t have to go through dozens of options or know some sort of techniques to do so. Some app services even provide one-click backup WhatsApp on Android as well as iPhone. If you're looking for a one-click backup option then UltFone WhatsApp Transfer is convenient of them all.

WhatsApp only allows you to backup and restore your data on a single platform. Cross-platform backup and restore are prohibited. For instance, you can't back up your WhatsApp on Android and restore it on iPhone. But don't you worry about it because UltFone WhatsApp transfer got you covered. Several features make UltFone WhatsApp transfer the best one in the market.

  • UltFone WhatsApp transfer makes sure you can backup and restore WhatsApp across different platforms.
  • It offers a one-click backup and restores option on iPhone as well as Android. It cancels out all the long and useless procedure options.
  • It is not limited to WhatsApp only. It also allows you to backup and restore Viber, KIK, LINE, WeChat data too.
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Steps to one-click backup WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Step 1 Launch UltFone for WhatsApp transfer on the computer. Connect your iPhone to Mac/Windows with a lightning cable. Choose the WhatsApp icon on the screen.

    backup WhatsApp to PC without iTunes

  • Step 2 Tap on “Backup” on the sidebar and make sure that the backup device is your iPhone.

    click backup button

  • Step 3 Very soon UltFone will start to backup your WhatsApp data. It may take a few minutes, which depends on your data size.

    start to backup WhatsApp data

  • Step 4 Now your WhatsApp has been backed up completely and successfully to your Mac or Windows.

Bonus Tips: Transfer iTunes WhatsApp Backup to Android & iPhone

You can't transfer iTunes WhatsApp backup to Android. In this case, third-party software like UltFone WhatsApp transfer comes in handy. It is the most legit solution to the question “Can we transfer iTunes WhatsApp backup to Android?”. Want to know how to transfer iTunes WhatsApp backup to Android?


To make a conclusion, you have known iTunes backup location on Windows and Mac, types of data that iTunes can backup, two ways to backup WhatsApp data to PC. The first way is to use iTunes but it has some drawbacks and the second one is to use one-click UltFone WhatsApp Transfer. If you want to transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android, UltFone is still your helpful partner. Want the simplest and most efficient method to transfer WhatsApp backup? UltFone WhatsApp transfer is the way to go.

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