How to Unlock a Motorola Phone? Here're Complete and Proven Guides

Forgetting the password of your own smartphone is not uncommon. Most of us set complicated or lengthy passcodes to protect our data and privacy.

But it all goes south when you couldn’t recall the password and get locked out of the device. And that’s why we are here today.

how to unlock a motorola phone

In this article, you’ll learn about 3 proven ways about how to unlock a Motorola phone without factory reset. Just read it till the end and find out!

Part 1. How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset for Free

Here’s a step-by-step guide to unlock a Motorola phone for free via two simple solutions.

1.1 Unlock Motorola Phone without Factory Reset via ADM

The first solution on our list is using an official Android tool called Android Device Manager – ADM. Recently, this feature is renamed to Google Find My Device. What it does is uses the Google account sync with the locked Motorola phone to locate the lost phone or wipe out its data.

The best thing about ADM is it comes preinstalled on all latest Android phones. So, you can use any other phone or PC to unlock Motorola phone.

But this method has several prerequisites that you need to know about:
  • The ADM feature should already be enabled on the locked phone. Typically, you can enable it from Settings > Security > Device administrators.
  • The device’s location service should be enabled.
  • It should have a stable Internet connection.
  • You have an active Google account on the phone.

If these conditions are met, follow the below instructions to unlock a Motorola phone that is locked using ADM:

Step 1. Head to ADM or Google Find My Device website from any web browser.

Step 2. Login with your Google account that is linked with the locked phone.

Step 3. From the upper-left corner, choose your phone and hit the Erase option.

how to unlock a motorola phone free

Step 4. Enter you Google account credentials for confirmation. And you will be able to use the phone.


  • The method is free to use.
  • You can access Google Find My Device from any other phone or PC.


  • Cannot use it if your phone is not synced with a Google account.
  • Location service must be turned on.
  • Low success ratio for obvious reasons.

1.2 Unlock a Motorola Phone for Free via Forgot Pattern

Is your locked Motorola phone is running on Android 4.4 or earlier version? Congratulation, we have another simple workaround to unlock a Motorola cell phone in 2023.

This solution also needs you to have an active Google account on the phone. And luckily, it doesn’t cause any data loss whatsoever. To use this method:

Step 1. Open the locked screen on your phone and enter the random passwords for 5 or 6 times.

Step 2. When you see the pop-up message, “Try again in 30 seconds'', tap “Forgot Pattern” at the bottom.

how to unlock a motorola phone without factory reset

Step 3. On the next screen, enter your backup Google account. And voila, it will unlock the phone.

how to unlock a motorola phone without the password


  • Doesn’t wipe out your data.
  • Free to use.


  • Works only for Android 4.4 or similar OS versions - which rarely happens.
  • Needs you to have a backup recovery Google account or PIN

Part 2. How to Unlock a Motorola Phone without Any password [100% Working]

As you can see, the above two solutions work only under several conditions and mostly fail to produce the intended results. But worry not as UltFone Toolkit - Android Screen Unlock comes to your rescue. This desktop program offers the most convenient way to unlock a Motorola phone without any password. Compatible with all Motorola phones, it takes just few minutes to bypass the screen lock.

With this tool, you don’t need to have a Google account, password or location feature enabled. It uses advanced decryption tech to remove the screen lock – and this wonderful tool unlock without rooting your phone. More strikingly, it’s super-easy to use, without any hassle.

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To unlock Motorola phone without Google account using this software, you need to:
  • Step 1Download and install UltFone Toolkit on your computer, choose "Android Screen Unlock" function.
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  • Step 2Choose "Remove Screen Lock"
  • Remove Android Lock Screen without Password
  • Step 3Click"Start" to remove the screen lock.
  • Remove Android Lock Screen without Password
  • Step 4Remove a locked Motorola phone successfully.
  • Remove Android Lock Screen without Password
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What can UltFone Android Screen Unlcok do for you? Here are some key features of this wonderful tool.
  • Up-to-date : Bypass Samsung FRP, remove Google/PIN verification up to Android 12/13.
  • Comprehensive : Unlock Android phones without password, pattern, PIN, fingerprints, face recognition.
  • Effective : Works in 100% of cases, regardless of the type of the screen.
  • Easy : Instantly unlock with 3 steps.

Part 3. Comparison of above 3 Unlocking Methods

Coming to the most important part: which tool you should use to bypass the Motorola screen lock? To make it easier for you, we have outlined the key factors that determine the efficiency of each tool.

Comparison UltFone Screen Unlock via ADM via Forgot Pattern
Success Ratio 100%
Very Low
Compatibility All Android phones
All phones under certain conditions
Only supports Android 4.4
Google Account Require
No Need Yes Yes
5/5 4.1/5 3/5

All these factors show that UltFone Toolkit - Android Screen Unlock is indeed the best option you have. Use it to quickly unlock any Motorola phone without needing additional help.

Part 4. FAQs about Unlocking Motorola Phone without Passwords

Take a look at these important queries of users to better understand the topic.

Q1. What is the Default PIN Code for Motorola Phone?

Generally, the default PIN on Motorola phone is “1234.” If that doesn’t work, try the aforementioned methods to factory the phone.

Q2. How to unlock a Motorola phone to any network?

Is network carrier locked on your Motorola phone? Contact your phone carrier and request them to unlock the network.

Also, you can try using another SIM card with different network carrier into your Motorola phone

Q3. How do I factory reset my Motorola phone when it's locked?

To factory reset your locked Motorola phone:

Step 1. Turn off your phone.

Step 2. Press Home, Power, and Volume Up keys simultaneously to enter into the Recovery Mode.

Step 3. Use volume up and down keys to navigate to the wipe data/factory reset.

Step 4. Hit the Power button to select it.

Step 5. Confirm your action to proceed.


After reading this article, you never have to worry about how to unlock a Motorola phone. All the methods listed above help you can get rid of the screen lock. But of course, both ADM and Android Forgot Password methods fail in most cases.

Based on user feedback, we recommend you UltFone Toolkit - Android Screen Unlock . It is a one-stop solution to unlock a Motorola or any Android phone with just few clicks. The program has staggering 100% success ratio which speaks volumes of its functionality.

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