Best iTools Alternative for iOS

iTools is a great iOS transfer & manager software to arrange, delete, backup and restore all the photos, apps, music, videos, messages, contacts, iBooks and other files on iPhone, iPad and iPod. As great it is, but it is not perfect. Many users encountered troubles when using iTunes and look for an alternative to iTools. If you are getting more troubles than help from this program, no need to worry. Here we get 2017 best iTools alternative for iOS 10 (iOS 10.3/10.2) for your reference.

Part 1: Common Issues for iTools

Below we list some common problems that users encountered when using iTools to manage files on iPhone, iPad and iPod:

  • iTools failed to load iTunes library
  • iTools cannot detect/recognize iPhone/iPad iOS 10
  • iTools failed to import music/ringtons/photos/videos
  • iTools error while copying file from PC to iPhone
  • iTools failed to backup please check the available space

Part 2: The Best Alternative to iTools 2018

If you ever encountered the same troubles we list above when using iTools, here we get 2017 best iTools alternative for iOS 10 - Tenorshare iCareFone for you. It gives you the full access to iPhone contacts, notes, photos, videos, music, iBooks, and apps, and gives you capability to transfer, manage, browse and explore files on iPhone, iPad.

Moreover, Tenorshare iCareFone offers you more than managing iOS files but give you an overall system care for your iOS device including cleaning junk/temp/large files, repairing operating system, blocking in-app ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Comparison Between Tenorshare iCareFone and iTools:

Features Tenorshare iCareFone iTools
Show the device information
Imports & exports Music between iOS device and computer
Manage personal information (Contacts, Notes, Safari bookmarks)
Imports and exports iBooks (PDFs/Epubs)
Remove DRM from purchased iBooks
Selectively backup and restore all iOS files Selectively backup messages
Install/uninstall iOS apps
Manages docking & desktop by mouse
Clean junk/temp/large files
Manage iOS file system
Block in-app ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod
Fix all iOS stuck issues
Works with both jailbreaked & unjailbreaked devices Functions limited on non-jailbroken device

Part 3: How to Manage Files on iPhone/iPad/iPod in iOS 10 with Tenorshare iCareFone

Now follow steps below to arrange, delete, backup and restore files on iPhone/iPad/iPhone with Tenorshare iCareFone. Firstly, free download and install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer. Connect your iOS device to the computer via a USB cable.

To add, delete, import or export iOS files:

  • Launch the program, click on "File Manager" from the main interface.
  • Here are 9 types of files to manage. Simply select the file type you wan to manage and add, delete, import or export as you like.

To backup and restore iOS files:

  • On the main interface, select “Backup & Restore”.
  • Now check the files you want to backup and click “Backup” to backup them without iCloud/iTunes.
  • Once it is finished, you can click “Restore to device” or “Export to PC” to save the backup data either on your iPhone or computer.
Note: To restore files, click “To view the previous backup files” in the lower left corner. Check the backup you need to restore from and click the “Restore” button.

Tenorshare iCareFone is best alternative to iTools 2017 that you can't miss. Just free download it and have a try on it. If you have other iTools alternatives, please let us know in the comments.