How to Get and Evolve Cufant in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The latest Pokémon game, known as Pokémon Sword and Shield, offers many brand-new features and Pokémons. Cufant Pokemon is a steel-type Pokemon. It is the initial stage of its two-stage evolution line, and when it achieves the level threshold, it evolves into Copperajah. These Pokémon still have so many undiscovered species. The user must release all the hidden powers that the found Pokémon contains.

We will discuss the illustrious Pokémon "Cufant" in this article. To assist people in locating this uncommon Pokémon, we created this resource guide using Pokémon Sword and Shield. This article will also assist you in discovering Cufant's secret abilities, as well as its stats and information on how Cufant evolves.

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Part 1: What's the Cufant in Pokemon?

  • Cufant is a Pokémon that resembles an elephant and digs into the ground with its moon-shaped trunk. It has four strong legs, each with a unique set of anterior nails. It has a bit bobtail and a bulbous dome on top of its head. It is orange, and the rain has caused sections of its skin to turn green.
  • His base stats as a whole score 330. Cufant, a Pokémon, has a moon-shaped tip on its stem that it can use to dig into the earth. It is a powerful Pokémon that has little trouble lifting heavy objects. Cufant is a Pokémon whose copper body has turned green due to rain in Pokémon Shield.
  • Due to its copper body, you can see green tones on its body. Its trunk's moon-shaped tip is utilized to dig holes in the ground.
  • Shiny Cufant can reach level 29 at the time of the encounter. It has a high HP of 72, an offensive power of 80, a defensive power of 49, an extraordinary attacking power of 40, a great defense of 49, and a speed of 40. All of this adds up to 330. Cufant is vulnerable to combat, fire, and ground.

    cufant in pokemon

Part 2: Who Does Cufant Evolve into?

At level 34, Copperajah evolves from Cufant. You must defeat Gigantamax Copperajah in the Stony Wilderness to obtain the Gigantamax variant.

The weight of Copperajah contributes to some of its strength. It can use strikes like the weight-based Heavy Slam and Heat Crash. When paired with Copperajah's Heavy Metal Ability, the weight increases by two times. The intense assaults Earthquake and Power Whip are among those that Copperajah can use in addition to those weight-based skills. And actually, Copperajah is all about that. Purely offensive force.

The incredible Attack and HP of Copperajah only get better when it gigantamaxes. Of course, Speed suffers as a result. To use this big boy, remember that it will always come second.

Part 3: How to Get More Cufant in Pokémon Sword & Shield Easily?

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Part 4: How to Evolve Cufant in Pokémon Sword & Shield

How to get cufant in Pokémon Sword & Shield? It's incredibly challenging to find Cufant in the game. According to the game, only 10% of players will find this Pokémon under the bridge field. When there is snowfall around, you can see this Pokémon because it appears during the winter.

This Pokémon can also be found in bright sunshine, but your chances of finding it there are only 5%. The likelihood is reduced to 1% if you try to find this under normal circumstances.

When Pokemon Cufant reaches level 34, you can wait until you've located it. At this point, Cufant develops. Cufant then changes his name to Copperajah. Please do not be concerned about Copperajah's type; it is also a Pokémon of the steel type. You should know this information to evolve Cufant into Copperajah.

In that case, here is how I would summarise cufant evolution pokemon sword procedure for you:

  • You should first search for this Pokémon in any weather you desire. Snowfalls, intense sunlight, and typical meteorological patterns.
  • Take this Pokémon to level 34 when you have it to develop into Copperajah.
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Part 5: What Level Does Cufant Evolve in Pokemon Sword?

How to evolve cufant in Pokémon Sword & Shield? Cufant evolves into Copperajah at level 34. To gain the Gigantamax variation, you must battle Gigantamax Copperajah in the Stony Wilderness.

Part 6: Is Cufant a Good Pokemon?

Is cufant a good pokemon? Due to its steel monotype, Cufant is immune to many other types of Pokemon in the series. As long as it possesses the Sheer Force ability, it can also be a potent attacking Pokemon. Unfortunately, it has weak defense stats and is a sluggish Pokemon. You can fill Cufant's shortcomings, but it will cost money.

is cufant a good pokemon

Part 7: What Is the Rarest Type of Card in Pokémon?

The elusive Pikachu Illustrator card is undoubtedly one of the rarest and most valuable Cufant Pokemon cards. CoroCoro launched an art competition in 1997, and the winners received a fantastic item depicting the Electric-type playfully painting various monsters.

Logan Paul is one of many notable names to have gotten their hands on this card in recent years. Former New York Giants football player Blake Martinez auctioned off his CGC 9.5 certified Pikachu Illustrator card for $672,000 in October 2022, making it one of the first non-PSA graded versions of the card known to exist.


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