How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 has a lot to offer to the iPhone users in design, features, and camera. However, some users are persistently complaining about one very small demand to the Apple manufacturers; show battery percentage on iPhone homescreen.

The issue only became a legit concern after the iPhone 13, and iPhone X (and all later phones with iOS 15, and above) hosted the battery percentage indicator in the control center. In this article, you will find all the information you need to see the battery percentage conveniently.

show battery percentage on iphone 14

Part 1: Why Can't I See the Percentage of Battery on My iPhone 14?

The Apple devices installed with TrueDepth camera for the Face ID, are by default programmed to not show the battery percentage on iPhone home screen. This feature is only missing in the iPhone with a notch, as the no notch phones had an option in the settings to enable and disable the display as per user’s discretion. If you’re looking to find out how to show battery percentage on iPhone 14, keep reading this article and quick-fix your iPhone with notch yourself.

not show battery percentage on iphone 14

Part 2: How Do I Show My Battery Percentage on iPhone 14?

Now that you have the answer to your question; why can't I see the percentage of battery on my iPhone 14? Let’s move to the solutions. Fortunately, you do not have to bother yourself too much. To see the battery percentage on your iPhone 14, try the following tips:

Way 1: Go to Control Center

Though it might not be something you are looking for, but it is a great alternative way to check the battery percentage without putting in a lot of efforts. Here’s what you can do: simply swipe down from the top right counter to access the Control Center, which will provide you an immediate display of the remaining percentage of battery on your screen. The best part is that you can swipe a bit diagonally to take a peek into the control center and it will show battery percentage on your iPhone.

go to control center

Way 2: Open Today View

Another way your iPhone will show the battery percentage is by looking at it in Today View and checking in the battery through the Batteries widget. To access Today View, hold the left edge of your homescreen and swipe it right. You can also access Today View through Lock Screen by scrolling up or down. In case you don’t have the Batteries widget installed, consider following Way 3.

open today view

Way 3: Add the Batteries Widget to Today View

As previously mentioned, you can install the Batteries widget to your Today View so that it shows you the percentage of your battery permanently in the column. To add the Batteries widget, follow these steps:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Today View widget’s column.
  • Tap the Edit Button.
  • Press the (+) plus button that will pop up on the top-left edge of the screen.
  • The Widget Gallery will appear on your screen.
  • Search “Batteries” and click enter.
  • Scroll down to Select the Batteries widget in the list.
  • add the batteries widget

Part 3: Some Other Ways to Show My Battery Percentage on iPhone 14

We listed some effective tips to show your battery percentage on your iPhone 14, but for some it may still be confusing and difficult. Here is what you can do if the other ways don’t work for you:

Way 1: Ask Siri

Siri can answer most of your questions, be it general or related to your iPhone’s status. It might seem a bit cheeky, but you can ask Siri to show the battery percentage on the iPhone. Say ‘Hi Siri’ to activate the command navigation and then ask Siri your battery percentage level, and she will be sure to tell you exactly what it is. Try it and maybe you will enjoy yourself a bit with her comment on your battery level. She told us we are an achiever!

ask siri for battery percentage

Way 2: Plug in Your iPhone

In most cases, your iPhone will show you the percentage of battery on your phone the moment you plug it in your out of a charger. In case you’ve run out of all options, you can try plugging in your phone to charge and it will show you how much percentage of battery you have left. This might not be a very functional and practical tip, but it can surely come in handy if you are in a rush, or you are in a public setting where asking Siri is a no-go.

plug in your iphone

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Part 5: How to Find the Battery Percentage on New iPhone 14?

If you have the new iOS 16 beta installed, Here’s what you can do to show battery percentage on homescreen of your new iPhone 14:

  • Open ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll to Battery.
  • Toggle the Battery Percentage option to enable it.

Please note that the Apple manufacturers have yet to confirm whether the Battery toggle option is going to be a permanent feature for the new phones.

Part 6: How Do I Make My iPhone 14 Battery Percentage Show Permanently?

If you want your phone to show the battery percentage permanently, try turning on the Low Power Mode. This will help you to keep track of your iPhone’s battery percentage and also extend your battery’s life up to 3 hours.

The iPhone battery percentage will show permanently through the toggle bar in the new iOS. Currently, you can ensure its permanent visibility in the Today View tab to keep track of your charging.

Concluding Thoughts

It is probable that the iPhone 14 new launch device will keep the Batteries toggle bar as many iPhone users are disappointed with the current struggle to keep check of the battery level. iPhone users rigorously search how to show battery percentage on iPhone because many users find the charging to drain quickly. I hope this article has helped you to find a solution to fix your battery percentage issue.

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