How to Backup iPad to iCloud

Backing up the data contained in any device is the ideal way to keep it safe. Moreover, with the advancement in technology, various online backup servers are available to the users which could save their data for years and still not lose it. Such a service is specially provided for the iOS users by Apple, i.e. iCloud. The iCloud backup can save unlimited data to the server and provide access to the users anytime they need it.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss how to backup iPad to iCloud and the level of safety in iCloud. We will also discuss an alternate method for backing up iPhone without iCloud.

Part 1. What is iCloud Backup and What Data is Backed Up to iCloud?

The iCloud backup is the online service provided by Apple Inc to the iOS users so that they make a copy of their device data and store it online. With the help of this backup, you can get your data on various devices in which your ID is logged in. With an iCloud backup, you can restore from iCloud when suffering data loss. The various types of data that can be backed up with iCloud include:

  • App data
  • Device settings
  • HomeKit configuration
  • Home screen and app organization
  • Messages
  • Photos and videos
  • Purchase history of the account including movies, music, games, apps, ringtones, and books too.
  • Can also keep the Voicemail password

Part 2. How to Backup iPad to iCloud

The process on how to back up iCloud is not that complicated as people think. It is quite easy and as the iCloud feature is inbuilt in the iOS device it becomes a lot easier. To perform a backup on iCloud on your iPad, follow the given steps:

Step 1 Launch the Settings app and select your Name. In the next screen, tap on the iCloud option and ensure that you are connected to a reliable network.

Step 2 Then tap on the iCloud backup option to turn it on if it is off and right below the option you will find the Backup Now option. Click on the Backup Now option and iCloud will back up the data of your iPad to the server.

create an iCloud backup

The process will take a while depending upon the uploading speed of your internet. Once the backup is complete, you can view the recent backup right below the "Backup Now" option.

Part 3. Is iCloud Backup Safe?

No matter how much Apple Inc argues about the security features of the iCloud service, it is highly unreliable. You may have heard of the iCloud leaks of celebrity photos or Apple ID hacked. Many people have complained about the security breach of their data and someone spying on them with the iCloud ID. You can backup iPad to cloud but you can never be 100% sure that your data will stay safe and secure.

Although the online server uses the end-to-end encryption technology and two-factor authentication the users don't usually activate the setting and end up losing data. Sometimes the iCloud Backup fails unexpectedly and it is also very time-consuming. Because of the many downsides by using iCloud, many iOS users end up using the third party tools for backup.

Part 4. Backup iPad without iCloud

If you don't want to take help of iCloud to create a backup of your iPad, then instead of iCloud backup, choose iOS Data Manager. This software is a comprehensive iOS utility that offers free backup feature. You can backup iPhone/iPod/iPad data to computer without iCloud or iTunes. And more flexibly, this software offers selective backup.

Thus, Using this free iPad backup tool is a more reliable method for backing up data as it doesn't have the potential risk. Follow the steps below to backup iPad data without iCloud.

Step 1 Start with downloading the software on your system and installing it. Once the software is installed, launch it and connect your iPad with it. Choose Backup & Restore from the function center.

backup ipad without icloud

Step 2 By default, the program will create full backup for iPad. You can uncheck unnecessary files for selective backup.

select files for backup

Step 3 Finally, tap on the backup option and the software will create a backup of your data without taking the help of iCloud.

The process will take a while to complete. Once the backup is complete, you can preview the file and see the content which is backed up.

backup ipad to computer


In the article, we briefly discussed how to create an iCloud backup on iPad and the potential risks of using iCloud too. Thus, you can rely on other free iPhone backup software to backup iPad to computer. The users can take the benefit of the other features like transfer pictures from iPad to computer.