AppTrans Review: Multipurpose Alternative——UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

Have you got a new phone or the memory of your phone is just running out? As most of the time, when you switch to a new phone or want to free up more space in your devices, think about the backup. Moreover, people also look for safe backups when they are intended to keep the text messages, images, or videos of their loved ones safe. Anyhow, what could be why the app's search for the safest backup of data is ultimate. Based on this case, AppTrans is a useful solution for all of you. But is it the only choice? Is there any better alternative? Keep scrolling this page and find the answer.

whatspp transfer

Part 1. What is AppTrans?

AppTrans is an amazing tool that can be effectively used to transfer data and is available both for Windows and Mac. Through this powerful tool, you can transfer all of your data from Android to iPhone or vice versa. The tool is very quick and efficient and lets the users transfer the selected files from one device to the other.

apptrans interface

If you feel that a specific app is misbehaving or some particular features have been removed from the application, you can use AppTrans to restore the app with all the essential features you loved the most.

AppTrans Features

  • App Transfer
    Transfer app and app data between Android and iOS devices.
  • App Install
    Download .ipa files, .apk files, .xapk files, or .apptrans files on your computer and install apps to your Android and iOS devices.
  • App Restore
    Preview and restore app data from iTunes backup and AppTrans backup.
  • App Backup
    Backup app data from Android and iOS to a computer.

Part 2. AppTrans Free? Any crack?

Only a few functions offered by AppTrans are free to use. If you want to transfer app data between Android and iOS devices, restore and export WhatsApp data, you need to pay for it.

AppTrans Price for Win & Mac:

apptrans price for win and mac

As for the cracked version of AppTrans, it may surprise you that various crack versions of AppTrans are available on the internet. For example, AppTrans Pro, AppTrans Pro v2.0.0.20210722, AppTrans Pro 2, and AppTrans Pro all are the crack versions of the AppTrans.

danger of downloading cracked whatsapp transfer software

You can easily download them and can enjoy the free services. These crack versions are entirely unsafe and bad for the health of your device. Some of the disadvantages of using these crack versions of AppTrans are given just as below:

  • AppTrans license code ensures that the app is completely safe to use. But, when you choose the crack version, the hackers can easily access the license code and thus change the code or create the jump. As a result, your data may be accessed maliciously.
  • It also means that when you buy illegal software, it may not work. Therefore, there would be no benefit of taking this risk.
  • Many users download illegal software, but most of them is a source of malware. This dangerous malware can infect multiple machines at the same time.
  • To download these cracked versions, you would have to visit the dodgy websites which are already on the wrong side, thus can create multiple issues for you.

Part 3. Multipurpose Alternative of AppTrans: UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

Everyone hopes to keep their data secure. For this purpose, you can use AppTrans. But, as you know, most of its functions need to pay. At this point, many people look for an AppTrans alternative. So, here we introduce UltFone WhatsApp Transfer as the best application to back up WhatsApp or transfer complete data.

Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download

Key Features Of UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

  • Support WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business/LINE/Viber/Kit/WeChat. [FREE]
  • Transfer the WhatsApp/ WhatsApp Business between Android devices and iOS
  • View backups and export to HTML.
  • No internet connection is required and no storage limitation.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

  • Step 1 Launch UltFone WhatsApp Transfer and connect source and target device to computer with USB cables. Then, click the “Transfer” button.

    transfer iphone to android

  • Step 2 A note will pop up to ask whether you want to backup your data as it will be overwritten. In this case, clicking the “Backup” button is recommended.

    whatsapp data overwritten on iphone

  • Step 3 The software will start to back up your Android WhatsApp data.

    backup whatsapp data on android

  • Step 4 You need to verify your Android WhatsApp account. Entering your phone number and you will get a verification code. After entering the code, click “Verify”.

    verify android whatsapp data

  • Step 5 Your WhatsApp data that can be restored will be generated.

    restore whatsapp data

  • Step 6 Your WhatsApp data will be transferred to your Android device. In a few minutes, the transfer process will be completed.

    transfer whatsapp from android to iphone

Part 4. Comparison between AppTrans & UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

Comparison items AppTrans UltFone WhatsApp Transfer
Price of lifetime plan $59.99 $49.95
Backup social apps Free Free
Transfer speed Slow Quick
Connection stability Unstable Stable


This article reviews AppTrans based on its price, functions, and safety. According to the analysis, AppTrans is a powerful tool for all Android and iPhone users. Moreover, for your information, this article also provides an alternative of AppTrans that is UltFone WhatsApp Transfer. This software tool can transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and backup and restore other popular social apps including Viber, LINE, Kik and WeChat. At last, a comparison between AppTrans & UltFone WhatsApp Transfer is made for you. According to the table above, UltFone WhatsApp Transfer is a better assistant tool to help you transfer app data.

Make WhatsApp Backup, Restore & Transfer Never So Easier
  • Transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone and Android easily
  • Backup and restore WhatsApp messages the way you need
  • Backup and restore Viber easily
  • Support All iOS and Android devices
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