How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone or iPad

No matter how fantastic we believe an iPhone's camera is, it's still no match to the picture quality of a camera whose only function is to shoot professional photos. In comparison to a smartphone, which is designed to be a multi-purpose gadget. A DSLR camera can easily capture photographs in professional mode, allowing the user considerably more control over the scene and manner in which photos are taken as compared to an iPhone, which is typically shot in Auto mode.

However, there are times when you have taken photographs with your professional camera and want to transfer them from the camera to your iPad or iPhone, most likely for quick editing or uploading to your social media accounts. So, how to get photos from camera to iPhone? Keep scrolling and take a closer look at a few methods for getting images from your camera to your iPhone.

Part 1. How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone without Computer

One of the ways is to transfer pics from camera to iPhone with differing port diameters or altogether separate ports. Adapters transform one device's output to another's input; they adapt to different ports for various devices, hence their name. Apple has given a plethora of adapters for their devices to allow customers to effortlessly transfer images from a camera to an iPhone/iPad.

Below let's look at two different methods on how to transfer photos from camera to phone without computer.

Option 1. Lightning To SD Card Camera Reader

The first step to transfer photos from the camera is using an SD card camera reader. This adapter is not a direct camera-to-iPhone connection option, but it is a simple one. This adapter has one end that is similar to a standard USB or iPhone charger and plugs into the iPhone's charging port, while the other end includes a card reader that accepts an SD card. This adapter is easily obtained at any Apple shop or purchased online from renowned gadget online sites for around $30. Below we have outlined how to transfer pictures from camera to phone in a few steps.

  1. Step 1: The first step is to remove the SD Card from your camera and then place it into the Reader End.
  2. Step 2: Now attach the Lightning End to the SD Card Reader to your IOS device.
  3. Step 3: On your iPhone and launch the Photos App (in case it does not automatically open).
  4. Step 4: Tap the Import tab in the bottom menu and tap Import Everything in the top right corner of your screen while you are in the Photos App.

    Note: You may also pick certain photographs by taping them individually and taping the Import option.
  5. Step 5: Once the pictures are imported, you will have to choose between keeping them on the SD card or deleting them once they are transferred. If you would like to keep the photos on the SD card, tap Keep. If you want the SD card empty, tap Delete.

    transfer pics from camera to iphone with lightning to SD card camera reader

Option 2. Lightning To USB Camera Adapter

Unlike the previously described SD card reader adapter, this adapter is much easier to use. While a USB cable is also required to work and process photographs to the iPhone from the camera, the drawback is that it has to maintain an additional USB cable that will be connected to the camera. This is just as straightforward. The adaptor may also be obtained for around the same price as the adapter for the SD card reader but generally does not have a USB cord. Below are the steps on how to transfer photos from camera to iPhone. Let’s take a quick glance!

  1. Step 1: First, connect the "Adapter" end designed for the iPhone charging port to your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Step 2: Connect a USB cord to the camera from which the images will be transferred.
  3. Step 3: Now attach the “USB Cable” from the camera to the “USB Port” of the adapter.
  4. Step 4: When your iPad or iPhone detects the camera, the Apple Photos app will launch.
  5. Step 5: Next on the screen, you will see several options; just click on "Import," Finally, you are done importing your images.

    transfer photos from camera to iphone with lightning USB camera adapter

Part 2. One-Click to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone with Computer

UltFone iOS Data Manager is a well-known and powerful iPhone data transfer/backup/management software that enables you to import photos from SD card to iPhone directly.

The Top-Notch Features of UltFone iOS Data Manager:

  • One-click to export photos from iPhone to PC/Mac.
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  • Extract data from iPhone backup file.
  • Transfer iTunes media to/from iOS device without iTunes syncing.
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Sounds awesome? Then check out how to transfer photos from Canon to iPhone with this best file manager for iPhone.

  • Step 1 Download and open this program on a PC or Mac computer. Connect both iPhone and the camera to computer. If necessary, you may need to take the SD card out of the camera and then connect it to computer with a card reader.
  • Step 2 On the main interface, click the Manage feature from the top menu bar.

    select mange feature on ultfone iOS data manager
  • Step 3 To add photos from computer to iPhone, please choose Photos category from the left panel and then click Import button. A window pops up to let you choose the photos to import. Choose the camera location and select the photo(s) to transfer to your iPhone.

    import photos from camera to iphone

This is the easiest way to transfer photos from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

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Part 3. How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone via Wifi

Some companies created wireless adapters to make it easier for customers to transfer images from their cameras to their iPhones. These wireless adapters cost $30-$50 more than cable adapters.

Here are the methods to transfer photos from camera to iPhone wirelessly.

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the App Store and download the wireless App for your camera.
  2. Step 2: Now, attach the adapter to the camera, and in no time, it becomes a hotspot.
  3. Step 3: Connect to the hotspot by activating Wi-Fi on your iPhone.
  4. Step 4: Then go to the App to wirelessly transfer images from your camera to your iPhone.

    transfer photos from camera to iphone wirelessly

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to transfer photos from camera to iPhone with or without computer. The best recommendation we suggestion is you can use UltFone iOS Data Manager as the one-stop solution to transfer photos between computer and iPhone without iTunes.

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