How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode

Is your iPad is not working properly? Or is it showing errors while using it? Whenever users face any iOS issue on iPad, the first thing they do to come out of the issue is factory reset. No doubt, resetting iPad probably solve many minor iOS issues. But, the main problem comes when users forgot their iPad passcode that is required for factory reset. Luckily, there are ways to factory reset iPad without passcode which we have provided in this guide.

How Do I Factory Reset My iPad without Passcode?

Method 1: Factory Reset iPad without Password with UltFone iOS System Repair

UltFone iOS System Repair is the most recommended way to perform iPad factory reset without password when you forgot iPad passcode. It is the software that is designed to fix various kinds of iOS stuck issues and fix disabled or locked iPad. It is easy to operate and it gives 100% success rate in resetting iPad without passcode.

To perform factory reset on iPad without passcode, follow the below simple steps:

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Step 1: To begin the process, download and install the iOS System Repair software on your computer from its official site. After installing it successfully, run the software. Then, select Factory Reset iPhone (iPad also) from the top menu.

how to reset ipad mini without passcode

How to factory reset iPad without passcodee


If your iPad is unlocked but it gets stuck on recovery mode, iPad black screen, Apple logo, or other iOS issues, you can click Repair Operating System to fix the stuck without data loss.

fix ipad stuck without data loss

Step 2: After that, click on the "Fix Now" and the software will download the firmware for your iPad. It will automatically download firmware according to your iPad version. Wait for minutes until the firmware is not downloaded.

download firmware package to  reset locked ipad

Download firmware package to restore iPad without passcode

Step 3: Once the firmware download process is completed, click on the "Repair Now" option to begin the factory reset process. Again, wait for a few minutes until the process is not completed.

start resetting ipad without passcode

Start resetting iPad without passcode

Hence, when the software completes its process, your iPad will be reset to factory and you can again use your iPad seamlessly.

Method 2: Factory Restore iPad without Password in iTunes

Another way that many iPad users prefer to factory reset iPad Mini without passcode is using iTunes. However, it requires that your iPad is synced with iTunes before so that it won't ask for the passcode again while restoring. Hence, if your iPad has never synced with iTunes before, this method does not suit you. Please refer to the steps in method 1.

Thus, if you have synced your iPad with iTunes then follow below simple steps to restore iPad via iTunes:

Step 1: First, launch the latest iTunes version on your computer and then, connect your iPad to the computer using digital cable.

Step 2: Once the computer detects your iPad, click on your device icon and then, go to the "Summary" tab. After that, tap on the "Restore iPad".

restore ipad in itunes without password

Restore iPad without password with iTunes

Step 3: Now, wait until the restore process is not completed. Once your iPad restarts and reached at App&Data screen, select "Restore from iTunes" backup.

set up as new after resetting ipad without passcode

Set up after resetting iPad without passcode

Step 4: After that, select the most relevant backup file by checking its size/date and again, click on the "Restore" button.

Method 3: How to Erase iPad without passcode from iCloud

To use iCloud to wipe iPad without password, you need to enable the Find My iPhone in iPad before it is locked or disabled. If you have turned on Find My iPhone, then you can easily reset your locked iPad.

Here is the simple step-by-step guide on how to erase iPad to factory settings via iCloud:

Step 1: Initially, visit the site on your computer browser and enter your iCloud login details for the sign-in process.

Step 2: After that, move to "Find My iPhone or iPad" and tap on the "All Devices" where all devices which are connected to entered iCloud account will be listed.

Step 3: Now, select your iPad device and tap on "Erase iPad" to reset or erase your iPad to factory settings without a passcode.

erase ipad without passcode from icloud

Erase iPad without passcode

Method 4: Factory Reset Locked iPad using Recovery Mode

You can also factory reset iPad without passcode by putting your iPad into recovery mode if you have never synced your iPad with iTunes before.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to the computer on which the latest iTunes version is running and then, press and hold the home and side button together until you don't see iTunes on your iPad screen.

put ipad in recovery mode

Put iPad in recovery mode

Step 2: Once iTunes detects your iPad in recovery mode, it will ask for two options either Restore or Update". You need to select the "Restore".

recovery mode restore ipad without passcode

Recovery mode restore iPad without passcode

Step 3: Keep your iPad connected with the computer until the restore process is not completed. Once it completes, you can set up your iPad as new.


Hence, now you know four ways to reset iPad Air/Pro/Mini to factory settings when it is locked or disabled. Every way need some requirement like enabling "Find My iPhone". But, it is the UltFone iOS System Repair which does not any requirement. Moreover, there is a high success rate of software as compared to other ways like recovery mode and iCloud. You can reset your iPad with great ease by using the software.

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