What to Do If You Forgot Screen Time Passcode? Real Answer Here

I set up screen time a few years ago on my iPad, and I forgot screen time passcode. I am at 9 failed attempts right now and can't risk another. Is there any other way? Please help!

- From Reddit

Have you ever set up a Screen Time passcode on your Apple device and now find yourself locked out? You're not alone; you're just like the Reddit user who shared their struggle above. In a world where we spend an average of over seven hours daily on our devices, Apple's Screen Time is a lifesaver for managing digital habits. But what happens when you forget that essential passcode meant to keep you on track?

Don't worry! In this guide, we'll walk you through 2024's easiest and most effective solutions when forgot screen time passcode. Let's get you back in control of your digital life!

Part 1. What to Do If You Forgot Screen Time Passcode

1. Simple clicks to Bypass Screen Time without Passcode or Apple ID [No Loss]HOT

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Here's how to bypass screen time when forgot screen time passcode:

  • Step 1 Download and install UltFone iPhone Unlock on your computer, and select Remove Screen Time Passcode at the main interface.
  • remove screen time passcode when forgot screen time passcode
  • Step 2 Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Make sure that your device has been activated.
  • bypass screen time
  • Step 3 Turn off Find my iPhone in order to erase the screen time passcode. Once done, the program will start removing the screen screen time passcode, please wait for a few seconds.
  • bypass screen time without losing data
  • Step 4 The screen time on your device has now been successfully bypassed and removed without losing data.
  • successfully bypass screen time without password

2. Change Screen Time with Apple ID on iPhone

If you find yourself locked out of your Screen Time settings on your iPhone due to a forgotten passcode, fear not! This method allows you to regain control effortlessly within the device settings.

Steps to Change Screen Time Passcode:

Step 1: Navigate to your iPhone's Settings.

Step 2: Select “Screen Time”.

Step 3: Click on “Change Screen Time Passcode”.

Step 4: Tap “Change Screen Time Passcode” again for confirmation.

Step 5: Choose “Forgot Passcode?”

Step 6: Provide your Screen Time passcode's associated Apple ID and password.

Step 7: Set a new Screen Time passcode and confirm by entering it again.

change screen time passcode with password

Your device must be updated to at least iOS 13.4 or iPadOS 13.4. Keep your Apple ID and password handy; if forgotten, rely on tools like UltFone iPhone Unlock for assistance.

3. Bypass Screen Time with Apple ID on Mac

If you've forgotten your Screen Time passcode on your Mac, fret not! Changing it is a breeze; this guide will walk you through the process.

Steps to Bypass Screen Time Passcode:

Step 1: Navigate to the Apple menu at the top-left corner of your Mac and choose System Preferences.

Step 2: In the System Preferences window, choose “Screen Time” from the sidebar.

Step 3: Select "Change Screen Time Passcode" at the bottom of the Screen Time window.

bypass screen time passcode on mac

Step 4: Click on “Forgot passcode?” to initiate the recovery process.

Step 5: On the prompted screen, enter your Apple ID and click OK.

Step 6: Type in your Apple ID password when prompted.

Step 7: Now, choose a new Screen Time passcode and confirm.


This method applies to your Mac and extends the changes to all devices associated with your Apple ID, ensuring a unified Screen Time experience.

4. Reset Screen Time Passcode by Factory Reset [Data Loss]

As a final option, resort to a factory reset to reset your Screen Time passcode, but be cautious of potential data loss. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process:

Steps to Reset Screen Time Passcode:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone Settings.

Step 2: Tap on General and click on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 3: Click Reset.

 reset screen time passcode by factory reset

Step 4: Tap Reset All Settings. This action will revert all network settings, keyboard dictionary, home screen layout, and language & privacy settings to their default values.


This method is a last resort and comes with the consequence of data loss. Consider this option only if you cannot recover your Screen Time passcode through other means. Always back up your data before proceeding.

Part 2. No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode, How to Fix

Finding yourself stuck with no apparent solution when you've forgotten your Screen Time passcode can be frustrating. If you're experiencing the dilemma of having no option to recover a forgotten Screen Time passcode, worry not – there's a solution.

For a comprehensive guide on resolving this issue, check out this article. Discover effective methods, expert tips, and step-by-step instructions to regain control of your Screen Time settings. Don't let a forgotten passcode disrupt your digital routine – explore the article for a quick fix and reclaim command over your iPhone.

Part 3. FAQs about Forgot Screen Time Passcode

Q1: What happens after 10 failed Screen Time passcode attempts?

Upon entering 10 consecutive incorrect Screen Time passcodes, a red warning pop-up will emerge, indicating "10 Failed Passcode Attempts." Subsequently, your iPhone will experience a temporary disablement from the Screen Time feature for the next hour.

It's important to note that your device won't be entirely locked out; you can still engage in other activities during this period. After the hour elapses, your iPhone will provide another opportunity for entry.

Q2: How do you change your Screen Time passcode without Apple ID?

When addressing the challenge of changing the Screen Time passcode without Apple ID, conventional methods such as changing or bypassing on iPhone or Mac necessitate Apple ID involvement, posing a constraint. Additionally, resorting to a factory reset as a solution introduces the risk of significant data loss.

The recommended and optimal approach is to utilize UltFone iPhone Unlock . This user-friendly and efficient solution allows passcode modification without needing Apple ID, ensuring a secure process with no data loss.


In this article, we've delved into various methods when forgot screen time passcode. When it comes to a secure and user-friendly solution, UltFone iPhone Unlock takes the spotlight. It allows you to modify your passcode without needing an Apple ID and guarantees that your data remains safe.

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