How to Fix iPhone 11 Poor Sound Quality Issues

I keep on hearing some static crackling sound during calls on my iPhone. I tried updating the device and changing call settings, but it didn’t work. Is anyone else having the same problem, please help?

It is occasional that users have to face sound quality issues on their iOS devices. The problem can be identified as the call audio is muffled, sound crackly, and distant, and the voice keeps breaking regardless of the connection. Not just the iPhone 11, other iPhone models have also experienced this issue. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic due to the iPhone sound quality issues. There are basic troubleshooting methods that can help users to fix the problem. Go through this guide, and you’ll know how to fix sound quality issues on the iPhone.

Part 1. The Basic Troubleshooting Tips For Poor Call Quality on iPhone 11

Here are the tips that you must try in order to get a quick fix for the sound quality problem. Try them one by one and tell which one works out.

Tip 1. Remove your iPhone’s Cover/Case

Some iPhone cases or covers may obscure the device's microphones and speakers. This is especially true with cases that are not mainly designed for an iPhone model. The best way to check if the case is the reason behind the iPhone 11 poor sound quality then remove the case from the device and then try to make a phone call. And if the call sounds good with iPhone without a case, the problem is likely associated with the iPhone case.

Tip 2. Clean Physical Obstructions, Lint, Gunk, Gum, Etc.

Visibly inspect your iPhone to ensure that there is no physical obstruction for the speakers and microphones on the device as a way for how to improve sound quality on iPhone. If there is something, then clean it up on an immediate basis. You may come across the pocket lint, or gunk covering a speaker or microphone, which can lead to poor sound quality on the device. If your iPhone call sounds distant or muffled, then generally, some object is obscuring or covering the device's audio input/output. Ensure that the iPhone is completely clean, and nothing is stuck on it.

Tip 3. Clean The Lightning Port If You Are Using Wired Earbuds Or Headsets

Are you using wired earbuds or headsets? If so, then try cleaning the lightning port where they connect to your iPhone. The culprit could be dust particles and debris for poor call quality on iPhone 11. So, before proceeding further, give a try to this method, and you may able to save yourself from the hassle of going through more complicated troubleshooting tips.

Tip 4. Make Sure iPhone Volume Turned Up

This solution might sound you obvious one to resolve iPhone 11 call quality issues. But, if the sound of phone calls is distant and silent, then you should ensure that your iPhone volume is turned up. The iPhone has several different volume settings, which can be independent of one another. So, the best thing to do is to make a phone call, and after then, press the Volume Up button until your volume indication says full.

Tip 5. Check iPhone Cellular Signal

If the iPhone has a weak cellular signal, then you may get iPhone 11 poor call quality. If the device cellular signal is quite low, then call quality will surely suffer, and sometimes, calls can crackle, break up, and sound quite low quality. So, check your iPhone cellular signal - Look at the top of your iPhone and after then, look for the bars or dots:

  • 4 bars - great
  • 3 bars - good
  • 2 bars - Ok
  • 1 bar - not good
  • 0 bar - no service

    check cellular signal
    Pic 1. iPhone cellular signal

Tip 6. Switch Off Phone Noise Cancellation

Phone Noise Cancelation feature reduced ambient noise when you held up your iPhone to the ear for phone calls, and it generally works great. But, some users complain that turning off phone noise cancelation can improve sound quality, and therefore, it may be worth trying to switch it off to fix

Here’s how you can turn off Phone Noise Cancellation:

  1. 1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. 2. Go to “General”>” Accessibility”>” Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation.”

    disable phone noise cancellation
    Pic 2. Switch off phone noise cancellation

Tip 7. Uninstall Any Third-Party Call Blocking/Filtering Apps

Are you using any 3rd-party call blocking or filtering app on your iPhone? If so, then simply uninstall the device-related 3rd-party apps and check if it fixes your iPhone sound quality issues. The problem is quite a rate, but we have witnessed at times when 3rd-party apps can interfere with the device experience and performance, especially after software update.

Tip 8. Make iPhone Calls on Speaker

Making iPhone calls on the speaker rather than against your head can be an easy fix for many users who encounter iPhone 11 poor sound quality issues with device phone calls. All you have to do is to put your iPhone call onto a speaker simply.

  1. 1. Dial the target number
  2. 2. Click the Speaker icon on your device screen.

    call on speaker
    Pic 3. Call on speaker

Tip 9. Use Earbuds to fix iPhone 11 Bad Sound Quality

You get white earbuds along with your iPhone. Use them to make phone calls on the device, and they even feature an in-built microphone.

Here’s how to improve sound quality on iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone earbud headphones to your iPhone.
  • Place them in your ears and increase the volume using the device Volume Up button.
  • Make a phone call as you usually make.

Now, the audio of the phone call will be picked up via the white earbud microphone. The recipients or caller's voice will go via the earbud speakers rather than the iPhone speakers.

Tip 10. Un-pair Apple Watch From your iPhone

Try to un-pair your Apple Watch from the device and see if the call quality on iPhone 11 gets better. Below are the steps to help you unpair Apple Watch from iPhone:

  1. 1. Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch close to each other.
  2. 2. Run the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. 3. Go to the “My Watch” tab and click on your watch.
  4. 4. Click the “Info” icon next to the Apple watch you would like to unpair.
  5. 5. Finally, click “Unpair Apple Watch.”

    unpair apple watch
    Pic 4. Un-pair Apple Watch

Part 2. More Advanced Tips To Fix iPhone 11 Poor Call Quality Issue

If the above tips are of no help for you, then it’s time to try more advanced troubleshooting tips to fix poor call quality issues on your iPhone 11.

Tip 11. Force Restart iPhone

Have you tried a force restart on your device? If no, then give a try to it that could possibly help you fix iPhone 11 call quality issues. If the issue is due to an unknown software glitch, then force restart is an excellent fix you can try.

force restart devices
Pic 5. Force restart iPhone

On iPhone 8 or above

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

On iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  • Press and hold down the Power/Side and Volume down button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

On iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or SE

  • Press and hold down the Power/Top and Home button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

Tip 12. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings may help you fix iPhone 11 poor call quality issue. Keep in mind that this method will reset every device network setting - you will lose all stored Wi-Fi passwords, cellular settings, etc. You have to enter them again to reconnection.

Below is how to do so:

  1. 1. On your iPhone, open the “Settings” app.
  2. 2. Go to “General”>” Reset.”
  3. 3. Finally, click “Reset Network Settings.”

    reset network settings
    Pic 6. Reset newtwork settings

Tip 13. Repair iPhone System to fix iPhone Sound Quality Issues Without Data Loss

To make sure that the system gets repaired, we recommend using UltFone iOS System Repair tool. So, whether the iPhone 11 has bad sound quality, black screen, recovery mode stuck, or any other software related issue, the software can fix it right away. It is a professional tool that has three major features, and each one of them is helpful under various circumstances. So, whatever major issue you are facing in your iOS device, you can fix them with one-click.

To download and install the software on your system, just visit the official website. Once the software is installed and ready for use, follow the steps given below:

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  • Step 1 Run the program, and from the main interface, click on the “Repair Operating System” option. Connect your iPhone with the system and hit the “Fix Now” button to initiate the process.

    start fix
    Image 1. Fix abnormal iOS system
  • Step 2 The next step will be downloading the firmware that is suitable for your device. Make sure that the software has detected the right model and firmware version before you download the firmware.

    download firmware
    Image 2. Download firmware package

    Wait as the file is downloaded, but if you already have the file, then you can directly import and use it.

  • Step 3 The software will notify you when the firmware is ready to fix the problem. Press the “Repair Now” button and the process will begin.

    repair system
    Image 3. Repair system

It will only take a minute for UltFone iOS System Repair tool to repair the device. When the device reboots, all the issues will be gone, and you will have your iPhone back in optimal condition.

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Tip 14. Restore iPhone in iTunes

Whenever you come across a problem with your device like iPhone 11 poor sound quality, restoring the device in iTunes to its default settings comes quite in handy to fix the problem. Keep in mind that restoring the device will erase everything. Nevertheless, iTunes will back up your device before the restore, so you can restore the device from the recent backup.

Below is how to restore the iPhone in iTunes:

  1. 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a digital cable.
  2. 2. Once iTunes detects the device, tap the Device icon, and go to the Summary panel.
  3. 3. Finally, click Restore iPhone.

    restore in itunes
    Pic 7. Restore in iTunes

The Last Words

Hopefully, these tips will help you fix the iPhone 11 call quality issues as soon as possible. Help your friends and family if they are having the same issues. And under all circumstances, users have UltFone iOS System Repair tool that can fix over 50+ software related problems. Why use anything else when you can fix all your problems with just one click!!!

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