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transfer photos

I want to backup some message from my iPhone to computer, but I did not want to backup all the messages. By using this software, I can selectively bakup and send some messages to computer.

manage data

It is not easy to manage directly on iPhone. By using this software, I manage the message and contact document with simple operation. It is an amzaing software to help me backup and clear documents of iphone.

Export videos file

I need to send some videos files from my phone because I didn't want to lose it and free my phone space. It is easy to operate and promise maximum security of sending files witouth data lossing.

transfer files to pc

I want to transfer some message to pc but I worry that the data might lose while I sending it. This software promise a secure way to transfer my files to pc. And the opearation is easy.

norbert kovacs
You deserve it

I bought a new phone recent days , so I need to transfer some data from my old iphone, you can't imagine it! this work is so complicated as the loading speed is too slow. because of my phone including whatsapp files and some precious photos and voice recordings. i don't mind spend money on it. then , i found it! its transmission speed is really amazing, you deserve it.


I think it is time to get rid of my itunes now which occupies large sum space of my disk c , thanks this software, i am relieved of the hassle to bake up my large and complicated files.


Great tool to transfer all photos to my mac from iphone xr.

sync My iphone to my macbook pro

i bought a used iPhone se and when I connected the iPhone to my mac the iTunes shows This iPhone is supervised by another computer and cannot be used with this computer. I can't use iTunes so i found the alternative iOS data manager to transfer my photos/videos/contacts from mac to my iphone, or vice verse.

Save a lot of my time for managing contacts

I was able to manage my messy contacts contents with this wonderful program.Realy excellent feature! 5- Star APP!

Useful software to keep all photos well organized

I am very grateful and happy because i am surprised all the pictures can be well organized in a few minutes. Save a lot of my time. thank you

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