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backup my whatsapp chats

with this iphone transfer software I have backed up my whatsapp chats to PC in a readable format.


great iPhone transfer software on Mac

I have more than 40000 photos in my iPhone 11p which takes a lot of my storage. with the help of ultfone iOS data manager, I transferred all photos to my Mac with one click only. quick and safe.


come as a surprise

This tool supports to view backup data and selectively recover data that even iTunes cannot do that.



iTunes just failed to backup my iPhone for no reason and iCloud has a limited storage space, so this software perfectly saves me and I have to say that after using it for a few days, I found it's much more convenient than iTunes and iCloud!


The best alternative to iCloud

I really don't like to use iCloud cause there're so many restrictions, limited storage space, sync problems and so on so forth... In the contrary, UltFone iOS Data Manger can do all the things iCloud does but without any limitations. Sincerely recommend you to use this software if you feel the same way as me.


a comprehensive tool

UltFone iOS Data Manager almost has all the features of iTunes and iCloud, and is even more flexible.


deleted photos from my iPhone 5 with broken screen

I'll not use my iPhone 5,of which the screen is broken now. And to safeguard personal privacy, before throwing it away, I bought this UltFone iOS Data Manager to delete all my information. It's also recommended to you if you've encountered the same situation as me.


this tool is brilliant

I'm seeking ways to backup my iPhone data other than iCloud and iTunes cause they have too many restrictions. Finally, I found this tool and decided to buy it for it has neat interface, clear instruction, easy operation, and moreover, powerful functions. Cannot love it more!


Super good to use

Well, this software really reminds me that not all of the Apple products are the best, at least for iCloud and iTunes, UltFone iOS Data Manager is dinifitely a better choice to backup and restore iPhone and other Apple devices. It can allow me to selectively backup and restore and what's more, there's no storage space limitation! Cannot help falling in love with this tool.



What's amazing about this producti is that it can support to preview and selectively restore the files in the backup.