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permanently turned off find my iphone

got find my iphone permanently turned off, thank you



I bought a second iPhone but on the screen, it appeared the sentence "this iphone is linked to an apple id". I don't know what to do but my friend recommended this tool to me and it turned out perfect. Now I can use the phone without any limitations.


successfully removed find my iphone lock

The procedure is a little bit complex: I have to factory reset my iPhone 6 using UltFone iOS System Repair in order to remove the screen lock, and then use UltFone Activation Unlocker to remove the Find My iPhone activation lock, but what really matters to me is that it did successfully remove the activation lock!!! And as far as I know, there's no better solution to solve the issue at present.



I unluckily bought an icloud locked iPhone 6, but thanks to UltFone activation unlocker tool, it is now removed safely.


Helpful iPhone Unlocker Tool

I bought a second hand iPhone 5 from my friend, but once I opened it, the screen shows "This iPhone is Linked to an Apple ID". What's worse is that my friend also forgot the password cause he hasn't used this phone for a long time. I searched online for a way to unlink the previous Apple ID and thanks god, finally I found this tool and it really helped me out!


Not Bad

This software did help me remove the activation lock on my iPhone 6S. However, I have to say that the jailbreaking process is a little bit challenging for me and hope the process can be simplified later... But anyway. it is not bad.


Finally the actiation lock was removed...

I've asked for how to bypass activation lock on Quora, Reddit and Apple Communities and have tried almost every free method they offered to remove the activation lock on my iPhone 6s but none of them really worked. So, I decided to not waste my time anymore. I bought this software and it really helped me out quickly and safely!



I bought a second-hand iPhone and cannot contact the previous owner, who's supposed to pay for the purchase of the product! Anyway, this software truly removed the activation lock for me, thx.


work well by far

I bought a second hand iPhone but when I started, there shows this iPhone is linked to another Apple ID, which I totally have no idea of what it is. I used this tool and now everything works well, thx.


cheap and good to use

I'm almost gonna discard the second hand iPhone I got, but unexpectedly this software did me a big favor.