How to Download Cydia for iOS 15

Learn How to Free Download Cydia for iOS 15 and how to use cydia on iphone iOS 15. Here you can also search for How to fix cydia iOS 15 crashes.

What is Cydia?

A software function for iOS that makes easy to customers to download and install software sets on jailbroken iOS Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Cydia is well-liked particularly for its capacity to allow users to install apps not approved by the official Apple App Store. There have been ways to download and install Cydia on iOS 15 with suggested Cydia installers. Generally, jailbreak your iOS devices and Cydia will be installed on iPhone/iPad by default and then you can add tweaks using Cydia repos. Cydia is the latest jailbreak tool which allows you to Cydia download on iPhone, iPod and iPad without any barrier. For your information, this is a third-party app installer and working as the Apple's official App Store. However, it is not probable to download Cydia installer on your iDevice directly so, there is a precise mechanism called jailbreak to do the whole process. We previously have launched a new method named Cydia and it will let you make the device free from the regular laws of Apple.

Why We Use?

By using this tool, you will have access to jailbreak iOS 15 and other lower versions without any restriction. Also, it will support the upcoming software versions so, when it considering with the past it's too easy to use Cydia download to customize your iDevice in your own way.

How to Free Download Cydia?

"Is it safe to jailbreak my iPhone and install Cydia on iOS 15? How to download Cydia for fixing crashes on iOS 15?" Let's download and install Cydia on iPhone via Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

Step 1: Launch Safari and go to  on your iPad or iPhone

Step 2: When the web page is entirely loaded, go away to the underneath center of the display on your iPhone or top right on your iPad and tap the UP arrow

Step 3:  Select Add to Home Screen from the choics on the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Call the app icon Cydia when asked to and tap Add

Step 5: Close safari and the new Cydia app icon will be on the home screen

How to Use Cydia 10.3 for Beginners:

How to use Cydia If you are not sure your iPhone has Cydia or not, simply search for Cydia in iPhone search or look out for this pretty image on the right. Tap on it and for the first time it will take time to load. You require to be linked to Internet in order to use Cydia. Cydia not only offers free tweaks but they also offer paid tweaks. I installed and purchased pair of them like Screen display recorder & My Wi. I will speak concerning Cydia account management later but now, lets come across into the features of Cydia.

One time you unlock Cydia, it will begin reloading and informs the Cydia sources. This may take little time depending upon your network speed. Once, everything is loaded, your Cydia home screen will look like this:

How to Fix Cydia Crashing On iOS 15

For the reason that of the natural history of the Cydia application, it isn't permissible in the application stock up and Apple has not anything to do with sign the certificate. This will origin the application to crash, as well as all dash you install, for the reason that Apple will rescind the certificate and, whereas reinstalling Cydia will work, it resolve only be for a few days. By downloading or installing Anti Revoke, you can fix Apple from Cydia Crashing the certificate and stay your application secure.


Avid jailbreak customers might frequently get trapped at Apple logo with boot loop issues or Cydia crashes. Perform a UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) of the device as the basic troubleshooting step at whatever time you come across unexpected boot loop or intermittent crash with Cydia apps on an iOS jailbroken device.