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stuck in black screen

My iPhone was stuck in balck screen while upgrading, and it did not come to normal for a long time. With the help of this software, it helps me repair my ios system with one click. Such east and safe tool to do this!


get out of recovery mode

My iPhone suddenly stuck in recovery while upgrading version. I was afraid the data would be lose. By using this sofware, I get out of recovery fastly and safely.


save my phone

My phone was stuck in recovery mode. I use this software and my phone was exit recovery mode without any data lossing. What an amazing app!


stuck in recovery mode

I failed in updated iOS system and stuck in recovery mode. By using this software, the problem is easy to be solved only need one click. The software could automatically enter and exit recovery mode and repair and update system only by one click. It is easy way to handle my problem.


I found a old iphone 5 in my mother's room but she forgot the password and the iphone is disbled

I can factory reset the iPhone without password by any ios system repair.


iPhone get stuck on loading screen

My phone was wrong, it gets the loading screen, then after it stops, it just starts again. I tried a lot of methods to solve it, but nothing seems to work. By using this iphone repair tool, my iphone goes to normal with a few clicks. So fast and effective!



my camera goes blank without notice, this problem even unsolved although i restart my phone many times, thanks for the software, my camera display screen recover to normal after running this software.



My iPhone XR was starting itself randomly. I believe it is a system bug and use the iOS system repair to fix it.


iPhone X randomly shut off

Over the last week my iPhone X has been randomly shutting off completely. When it does this it has plenty of battery percentage left. I tried all the tips and tricks found on various forums. Like Vol up , down and the side button or the itunes method but nothing worked. Finally I reinstalled ios with iOS system repair. no data loss.


call issues after update 12.1.4

After the automatic update to 12.1.4, I have been unable to receive phone calls. It made me crazy and i searched and tried the software called ios system repair. Surprisingly, it fixed my problem after system repair.