iPhone Water Damage - Top 5 Must-Know Info

Got iPhone with water damage by accident? It's pretty terrible feeling when you dunked a $650 iPhone into water. The touchscreen, the headphone jack or other parts of iPhone may not work then. iPhone water damage would be a disaster and it could happen to anyone of you. If you are starving for solutions to repair your water damaged iPhone 7/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4, you can find out the right answers here for all your questions.

Based on our professional research, we list the top 5 questions which most of you are concerned about when having a water damaged iPhone at hand. You have the best chance of resurrecting your water-damaged iPhone on iOS 10/9.3/9.2/9/8/7.

Top 5 Questions and Must-Know Info on iPhone Water Damage

Top 1. Can I go to the Apple store and get my water damaged iPhone repaired or replaced?

Apple does not repair a water damaged iPhone or any iPhone that has failed due to liquid damage, because it is not covered by the Apple warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). And the built-in Liquid Contact Indicators will show whether the device has been in contact with water or a kind of liquid containing water. For more detailed information, you can visit Apple's official website: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3302

You can replace your water damaged iPhone with a new one in the Apple store with a certain fee.

Top 2. How much does Apple charge for iPhone water damage replacement?

Since iPhone water damage (liquid damage) is out of warranty, you need to pay more money than that under warranty. For iPhone 5, the iPhone water damage replacement is $229, iPhone 4S $199, iPhone 4/3GS $149.

For more specific information, you can visit Apple's web: http://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=servicefaq&geo=United_States&product=iphone

Top 3. Anywhere else I can have the iPhone water damage repair at a reasonable price?

To be honest, we do not advise you to take your iPhone with water damage to the repair stores, since most of the users who have their iPhone repaired in some stores complain that none of the third-party stores are really helpful. Moreover, the iPhone water damage repair cost is not so reasonable.

If you have found any workable repair store for water damaged iPhone, leave it at your comment to share with us.

Top 4. What is Forbidden after your iPhone is water damaged?

At the very first time when you got iPhone water damaged, there are 2 things you should not do to avoid further damage on iPhone.

  • Do not try and turn on your iPhone. Running power through wet electronics can damage them beyond repair. Immediately power off your iPhone after contact with water occurs
  • Do not put your iPhone in rice. Many people would advise you to put water damaged iPhone in rice to do iPhone water damage repair - no kidding. But putting your iPhone in rice for several days is actually a big mistake, because it only gives the water more time to do damage to the internal components as it slowly evaporates.

Top 5. How to repair water damaged iPhone by yourself?

The most successful way to dry water damaged iPhone by yourself is to get a useful iPhone water damage repair kit - packets of Silica gel, which is a powerful moisture-absorbent substance.

Note:You can get the packets of Silica gel if you keep your packaging for hi-fi or cameras, or you can access them at Arts & Crafts shops or from an electronics store.

After you get the packets of Silica gel, first, you can pack your iPhone in a sealed plastic bag among the packets of Silica gel and store it in a dry place for at least 3 days, which should ensure that all the moisture is drawn out from iPhone.

Then connect your iPhone to PC and restore it to factory settings with iTunes. This will provide you with the best chance of getting iPhone to its pre-drenched working state.

Finally, use iPhone Data Recovery to recover all the lost data because factory settings reset would cause data loss on your iPhone.

Extra: Normally you can turn on your iPhone after at least 3 days with Silica gel packet drying off and do factory reset with iTunes. If, in some rare circumstances, your iPhone cannot be turned on, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to extract iTunes backup files and recover all the lost data from iTunes.

Now you should be clear what to do when you got iPhone water damaged. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.