How to Transfer LINE from Android to iPhone

Want to transfer LINE chat to your new phone? Doubt that can I transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone? The answer is uncertain before but now it is 100% yes. Yes, you can transfer LINE from Android to iPhone with UltFone Transfer. In this guide, you will learn how to transfer LINE chat from Android to iPhone with several clicks using UltFone Transfer.

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LINE is becoming a popular social app with more people consuming much time on it every day. Meanwhile, more phones with useful and powerful features are pushed to the market and phone users are more willing to embrace the new Android phone or iPhone than before. In this case, request to transfer LINE chat between iOS and Android has been on the rise. Hearing and meeting users' needs is exactly what UltFone insists on. This guide will introduce how to transfer LINE from Android to iPhone step by step.

Download UltFone Transfer to transfer LINE chat history from Android to iPhone.

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Step 1. Launch UltFone Transfer and Connect Your Android and iPhone

Launch UltFone Transfer on your Windows/Mac. Select the "LINE" icon on the interface.

select line icon on ultfone interface

Next, connect your Android and iPhone with USB cables. Please make sure that the Android phone is in the source device and the iPhone is in the target device. 

connect iphone android to transfer line

Note 1: Please enable USB debugging on your Android phone by following the on-screen guide.

usb debug on android

Note 2: Please unlock your iOS screen by entering a passcode and then choosing "Trust" on the pop-up to trust this computer.

unlock iphone to transfer line

Step 2. Backup LINE Chat on iPhone/Android

It is recommended to backup LINE chats on iPhone as they will be overwritten on the target device. Click the "Backup" button in this case.

backup line on iphone before transfer

Backup LINE chats to Google Drive on your Android device by following the tutorial on the screen. After doing it, click the "Already Backed Up" button to continue the transfer steps.

backup line chat to google drive

Step 3. Obtain Authorization on Android Phone

When a QR code appears on the screen, pick up your Android device to scan it with the LINE account scanner.

scan qr code with android

After scanning, the authorization code will appear on the screen. Then, enter the authorization code on your Android device. 

enter authrization on android phone

Step 4. Log into Google Drive and Download LINE Backup

Log into the Google Drive account that you used to backup LINE data on the previous steps.

log into google drive account

Then UltFone will start to download LINE backup. The process won't take a long time.

ultfone download line backup

Step 5. Get and Generate LINE Backup

After downloading, UltFone will get LINE backup data from your Android phone and then generate a new one. Please be patient with the process. The time spent depends on the size of your backup.

generate line backup

Step 6. Restore LINE Backup to Your iPhone

To do this, log in to LINE on your iPhone and ensure that the phone number is the same as on the Android phone and disable Find My on iPhone.

log in line account on iphone

Then UltFone will start to restore LINE to your iPhone.

restore line backup on iphone

Step 7. Succeed to Transfer LINE from Android to iPhone

Now your LINE backup is transferred from Android to iPhone successfully. You can log in LINE account on your iPhone and check the backup.

line transfer finish

Free Download For Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP Secure Download Free Download For macOS 10.15 and below Secure Download