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Behaves more professionally than Samsung Authorised Repair Centre

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 4g tablet less than 3 years old. I explained how it was in the process of updating the operating system with a SAMSUNG update and stopped 25% of the way through the procedure. It then locked itself into a loop and would not turn on or turn off or complete the update. It refused to work at all. I took it to a Samsung Authorised Repair Centre and the technician told me the the motherboard was at fault and a new one would cost me about 250 euros. When I agreed to the repair he then said, but if they break the screen getting it apart, I would have to pay for a new screen as well. The technician then advised me not to repair it but to buy a new Samsung tablet from the salesroom. Being a pensioner I had to think before spending circa 900 euros on a new tablet so went home and researched the problem, luckily finding your software. Within 30 minutes my tablet was up and running again! so nothing wrong with the motherboard at all.


Samsung s21 Overheating Problems

My samsung s21 fe 5g started heating up while not in use and after a shutdown for 15 minutes it starts overheating while using non intense apps. I used the Android system repair to clear system caches first, and then repair the system. The phone seems not so hot again.


samsung app crashes randomly

I've had this new S21, Today, first messages will not open, then, when trying to reboot, Bixby crashes not allowing to reboot the phone. I'm a newbie. Ultfone fixed my phone problem. I am not sure whether it is the same as a system update, but it worked indeed.


Galaxy S10 bootloop after updte to Android 10

This morning I updated my S10 to the new Android 10 version, and the phone stuck in a boot loop during the update. I cannot use the key combinations to get into the recovery or in the download mode. Finally the Android system repair software helped me a lot. It downloaded a new firmware file and use it to repair the issues with the phone without data loss. Really great tool!


stuck on samsung logo boot screen

My samsung s9 stuck on samsung logo screen after flashing stock rom. I dont want to wipe/factory reset it as there are so many important photos that i didn't backup. Thanks to the professional UltFone Android repair software, I have fixed my phone to normal without data loss.


It worked!!!

successfully fix the crashing issue on my phone, thanks!


Easy to use

My Samsung S20 stucking on recovery mode and I used this software to exit recovery mode without any fee, it's great, recommended!