How to Use UltFone iOS Location Changer

This is a step by step guide on how to use UltFone iOS Location Changer to change GPS location on iPhone/iPad/iPod without jailbreak, and simulate GPS movement on iOS devices.

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Want to play the world's hottest AR game Pokémon Go, but unfortunately it is limited in your area? Or there are times when you want to play Pokémon Go without walking. UltFone iOS Location Changer is what you need. This iOS GPS location spoof tool enables you to change GPS location without jailbreaking your iOS device. You can prank your friends, match more friends on dating apps, play geo restricted games, and protect your privacy with this software now.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this tool. Firstly, please download and install this software to your PC computer.

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Part 1. One-Click to Change iOS GPS Location

No matter you want to hide your actual location for privacy or security purposes, this software is the best choice. Let’s see how it changes the GPS location on iPhone with a simple click.

Step 1. Launch this program after installation. The default interface is the GPS change. Tick the disclaimer and click Enter button to continue.

one click to change ios location

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to computer with an Apple cable.

connect ios device to computer

Step 3. On the following screen, you can enter an address/GPS coordinate and click the search icon to match the address you want to. Confirm the address on the left panel and click “Start to Modify”.

select a virtual address to start change the gps on iphone

That is all it to change the location on your iPhone. All location-based apps on your iPhone will be changed to the fake location as well.


  • If you want to check your actual location, you can click the back button on the bottom right corner.
  • The address you have ever used will be saved in Historical Records. You can add the an address to favorite if you like it.
historical records

Part 2. How to Simulate GPS Movement between Two Spots

You can simulate a route without leaving home between two points with UltFone iOS Location Changer. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to computer and switch to the Single-Spot Movement section on the main interface. Tick the disclaimer and click “Enter” to continue.

single-spot movement

Step 2. The start point is your real location. You can tap on the map to choose a destination location; Also, you can enter the destination address in the search bar to position the location.

set up the start and ends points on the map

Step 3. After confirming the start address and target address, you can drag the speed bar to adjust the move speed. you can simulate walking, cycling or driving speed. Also, you can set up the number of move times. All is done and click “Start to Move” to start moving along the two points with the custom speed.

start to simulate movement along between the two points


  • It is recommended to close the location-based apps on your iOS device before starting.
  • close geo based apps before spoofing
  • During the process, you can pause and continue anytime. This will make the movement looks more natural.
  • Click the “Stop” to terminate the process.
  • click the stop button to terminate ios spoofing

Part 3. How to Simulate GPS Move Along a Route with Multiple Spots

UltFone iOS Location Changer makes it possible to customize a route and let the GPS location move along multiple points. Here are the easy steps to set up a route with multiple spots.

Step 1. From the main interface, select the “Multi-Spot Movement”. Tick the disclaimer and click “Enter” to continue.

simulate ios gps to move along with multiple spots

Step 2. You can click on the map to select different locations, and these spots will make a route in the order you choose. You can then set up the speed as well as the number of round trips. Click the “Start to Move” to simulate the GPS movement.

set different locations on map


  • You can expand or collapse the route list to delete one spot or adjust the coordinate.
  • expand and collapse the route on ultfone ios location changer
Free Download For PC Secure Download Free Download For Mac Secure Download