How to Use UltFone iOS Location Changer

This is a step by step guide on how to use UltFone iOS Location Changer to change GPS location on all iOS/Android devices without jailbreak or root.

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Want to play the world's hottest AR game Pokémon Go、Monster Hunter Now, but unfortunately it is limited in your area? Or there are times when you want to play Pokémon Go、Monster Hunter Now without walking. UltFone iOS Location Changer is what you need. This iOS/Android GPS location spoof tool enables you to change GPS location without jailbreaking your iOS device or rooting your Android phone. You can prank your friends, match more friends on dating apps, play geo restricted games, and protect your privacy with this software now.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this tool. Firstly, please download and install this software to your PC computer.

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Part 1. One-Click to Change iOS/Android GPS Location

No matter whether you want to hide your actual location for privacy or security purposes, this software is the best choice. Let’s see how it changes the GPS location on iOS/Android devices with a simple click.

Step 1. Launch this program after installation. The default interface is the GPS change. Tick the disclaimer and click Enter button to continue.

one click to change ios location

Step 2. Select an device to be connected on the next screen.

select idevice

Step 3. You can choose a location on the map with your mouse or enter the location on the top right search bar. After this, click on the “Start to Modify” button.

select a virtual address to start change the gps on iphone

That is all it to change the location on your phone. All location-based apps on your iPhone/Android phone will be changed to the fake location as well.

The notes mentioned below are available on all the features.

Note 1: Cooldown time

UltFone program adds a new feature [cooldown time] for Pokemon Go players to note them not spoof location too frequently.

cooldown time popup

The cooldown time is enabled by default. You can turn it off by clicking the three-line icon on the top right corner and then choosing the “Settings”. Then, a Cooldown Period will show up.

turn off cooldown time

Note 2: Restore the True Coordinate

If you want to restore the true coordinate, tap on the bottommost button in the lower right corner. Select the “Restart Now” choice on the pop-up window.

restore true coordinate

Note 3: Multi-Device

If you want to fake GPS location in no less than 1 device, tap on the first icon on the bottom right corner and then you can choose which iDevice(s) you want to spoof location.

spoof location on multi idevices

Note 4: Historical Records

Each spoofed location will be recorded and if you want to check and use the previous location, click the star in a file icon and the locations will be shown to you. Simply click the “Use” button to use them again. Click the star button to collect the coordinate and you will find it on the “Coordinate Collection” column.

check and use historical spoofed location

Part 2. How to Simulate GPS Movement between Two Spots

You can simulate a route without leaving home between two points with UltFone iOS Location Changer. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer and switch to the Single-Spot Movement section on the main interface. Tick the disclaimer and click “Enter” to continue. Then select the device in which you want to fake location.

single-spot movement

Step 2. Select the start location and end location on the map or enter the location on the top right search bar.

set up the start and ends points on the map

Step 3. The single-point movement function supports multiple route navigation options of walking, cycling and driving.

Select Route

Step 4. Configure the number of moves and adjust the speed by dragging the speed bar. Once set, click the "Start to move" button to travel back and forth between two points.

Change speed modification during movement

Step 5. You can pause and resume the movement at any time.

pause and resume the movement at any time

Step 6. You can adjust the speed during movement for a more realistic simulation.

Change speed modification during movement

Note: You are also allowed to import a GPX file to move based on an arranged route. Click the “GPX” icon to import a GPX file. After a while, the route will appear on the screen. You can also customize the speed and move time.

import gpx file

Part 3. How to Simulate GPS Move Along a Route with Multiple Spots

UltFone iOS Location Changer makes it possible to customize a route and let the GPS location move along multiple points. Here are the easy steps to set up a route with multiple spots.

Step 1. From the main interface, select the “Multi-Spot Movement”. Tick the disclaimer and click “Enter” to continue.

simulate ios gps to move along with multiple spots

Step 2. You can choose Navigation Mode or Straight Mode

Option 1 Navigation Mode: Follow the GPS navigation route, adjusting according to road conditions for a more realistic experience.

  • When the total straight-line distance between route nodes is less than 1000 kilometers, the walking route is used by default; when the distance is greater than 1000 kilometers, the cycling route is used.
  • The maximum number of route nodes for this method is 24.

Option 2 Straight Mode: Travel in a straight line according to the set route. The maximum number of route nodes is unlimited.

Choose Navigation Mode or Straight Mode

Step 3. Customize your multi-point route by selecting multiple locations on the map, setting the speed, specifying the number of round trips, and then click "Start to Move" to simulate GPS movement at the customized speed.

Multiple route nodes

Step 4. Enable speed adjustment during movement for a more realistic simulation experience.

Adjusting speed while driving


  • You can expand or collapse the route list to delete one spot or adjust the coordinate.
  • expand and collapse the route on ultfone ios location changer
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Part 4. How to Simulate GPS Move with A Joystick

Step 1: Launch UltFone iOS Location Changer on your computer and connect your iDevice to the computer with a wireless cable. Choose the fourth icon on the left sidebar.

joystick movement

Step 2: Customize the speed and then drag the ball to the circle, then release it. You can change the direction 360°when moving. You can pause the movement at any time and there are 2 ways to stop the joystick movement, click the “Stop” button and tap the orange square.

start joystick movement

Note 1: Before the joystick movement, You can also select a location on the map or enter a location on the search bar. Then, click the “Modify Positioning”.

modify position before joystick

Note 2: You can also use direction keys on your keyboard to control the direction when moving.

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Part 5. How to Jump Teleport GPS Location to Custom Coordinate

Exciting Update! UltFone now boasts a brand-new feature: Jump Teleport. This feature allows you to effortlessly relocate your phone's GPS coordinates to any destination of your choice. Whether you're a Pokémon player or not, Jump Teleport empowers you to seamlessly navigate to your desired coordinates with ease.

Step 1. Select the "Jump Teleport": Begin by launching the program and connecting your device to the computer. On the home screen, locate and choose the "Jump Teleport" mode, which is the fifth option available. Once selected, click "Enter" to initiate your teleportation journey.

Select the Jump Teleport Mode

Step 2. Choose Destinations or Route Nodes: Now, pinpoint your desired destinations or route nodes directly on the map interface. Once you've selected your spots, click "Start to Move" to execute the teleportation between different locations seamlessly.

Choose Destinations or Route Nodes

Note 1. Pause or Stop Jumping Anytime: If you need to halt your teleportation journey for any reason, simply click on "Pause" or "Stop" at any point during the process.

Pause or Stop Jumping Anytime

Note 2. Cooldown Time is Key in Pokémon Go: After altering your location in Pokémon Go, exercise caution. It's advisable to refrain from engaging in any in-game actions until the countdown concludes.

Cooldown Time is Key in Pokémon Go

Note 3. Automatic Jumping After Cooldown: To streamline your teleportation process, consider activating the automatic jump feature by toggling the switch. This option allows for seamless transitions after the cooldown period elapses.

Automatic Jumping After Cooldown
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Part 6. How to Auto Scan Pokestops & Gyms

Step 1. Scan Nearby Pokestops & Gyms: Click the icon in the red circle below to initiate a scan for Pokestops and Gyms in your vicinity. Once selected, proceed by tapping "Start to Move" to choose your desired route. UltFone will then automatically scan for Pokestops and Gyms near the designated location.

Scan Nearby Pokestops & Gyms

Step 2. Choose a New Route Node: If the detection is complete or no game landmark is detected near the current marked location, a prompt will alert you. In response, select a new endpoint or routing node to continue.

Choose a New Route Node

Step 3. Clear Marked Location: To remove all marked locations, simply tap on the "Clear" icon. This action will erase all existing markings, allowing you to mark and discover new game landmarks once more.

Clear Marked Location
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