Refund Policy

We are committed to providing the best service for each customer, and based on this principle, we have formulated the following refund policy.

Since it was founded in 2003, UltFone has now grown into an industry-leading software developer of mobile utility technologies and applications. During this period, we stay committed to putting first the interests of every customer, and based on this principle, we have developed a professional after-sales service team and complete refund policy.

  • Reply within 24 Hours
  • You can submit a refund request online at any time and we promise to reply to you with a satisfactory result within 24 hours on workdays.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • All the users under refundable circumstances are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. To ensure the experience of each customer, UltFone sticks to a user-friendly concept-"try before you buy". All the products on the official website are available for a free trial before you’re required to update to the pro version.

Refundable Circumstances:

UltFone agrees to a refund under the following circumstances:

Situation 1. About Purchase

Duplicate purchases

If you purchased the same product repeatedly at the same time, UltFone will refund one of them or exchange one of them for other products of the same price.

Purchase of the wrong product

The refund of the wrong purchase requires you to purchase the correct product on UltFone official website first, then the payment of the previous product will be returned to your account.

Higher payment price than the product price

If you find that the actual payment price of the product is higher than the product price, please first confirm whether you have been charged tax or bank service fees. If so, we recommend that you should first contact the bank or rebate organization to get a refund. If not, it may be the fees charged by the third-party platform for some services bound to the product, such as download protection fees and physical CD, which ensure that you can download the product even if you change the computer. You are free to choose whether or not to purchase these services on the payment page. If you accidentally purchased these services without knowing it or no longer need them after purchase, we will help you contact the third-party payment platform to return the service fees.

No registration code received in 24 hours after purchase

If you have purchased the product on UltFone official website and successfully paid for it, but you did not receive the registration code through email or registration code search page within 24 hours, and meanwhile no response was received within 24 hours after contacting UltFone support team, UltFone will refund the order as long as you don’t need the product anymore.

Situation 2. About Automatic Subscription

Renewal fee after automatic subscription cancellation

Typically, you can contact UltFone support team to cancel the automatic subscription at any time before the next renewal date, or cancel it yourself by referring to the FAQ guide on UltFone official website. Besides, you can also cancel the automatic subscription by directly contacting the payment platform ( But no matter which method you take, please make sure that you have received the confirmed email, saying that the automatic subscription services have be successfully canceled. Otherwise, you will still be charged.

If you cancel the automatic subscription through the above three methods but are still charged on the renewal day, UltFone will refund you as long as you can provide the corresponding evidence, such as the screenshot of the confirmed email from UltFone or payment platform. 

Situation 3. About Product Problem

Technical problems

If you encounter any technical problem while using the product, please contact UltFone's technical support team in time and help us solve the problem by providing screenshots, log files, or receiving free remote services provided by UltFone. If the problem still cannot be solved in the end, and you are not willing to wait for an upgrade or accept other compensation plans, UltFone will refund you via your original payment method in no later than 30 days, and typically it'll only take 2-4 business days.

Note that once the refund is issued, your license will be halted at once.

Non-refundable Circumstances:

UltFone does not support refunds or exchanges under the following circumstances:

Situation 1. About Purchase

Change of mind after purchase

The order is not refundable because of change of mind after purchase, or you already purchased a similar product from another company.

UltFone products have different price in different regions or channels.

No registration code is received within 2 hours after placing the order

Under normal circumstances, UltFone will send the registration code to you by Email within 2 hours after the order is completed. But sometimes, due to network conditions, system failure, Email PAM settings or misspellings of email address, etc., the registration code cannot be received in time. In this case, please contact the UltFone support team or visit the page that can retrieve the registration code to obtain the registration code. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Misconceptions about the functionality of the product you bought

UltFone will not issue a refund if you misunderstood the product functions, and the actual function of the product can conform to the content of the website promotion. But if you mistakenly bought the wrong product, we can replace it with the right one for you for free if the product price difference is within 20 US dollars (the premise is that your product is under warranty).

In order to avoid such situations, we highly recommend you to carefully read the overview and guide page on UltFone official website, and download the free version for trial before purchasing the product.

Situation 2. About Automatic Subscription

Failure to cancel automatic subscription before the renewal day

Sorry to inform you that if you do not cancel the automatic subscription service before the renewal date, or fail to cancel it for some reason, UltFone will not agree to a refund. 

The correct approach is that you should cancel automatic subscription by contacting the UltFone support team before the renewal date or cancel it yourself by referring to the FAQ guide on UltFone official website or directly contacting the third-party payment platform. 

Situation 3. About Product

Refund application after exchanging product

After you agree to replace the product that you already bought with any other equivalent product, UltFone will not accept any refund request of the previous product regardless of the quality of it. But we will still try our best to provide the service for your replacement product.

Additionally, refund requests over 30 days are normally not going to be accepted, but we will try our best to provide you with the corresponding solutions or replace them with other products that you are interested in.