Songtell Full Detailed Review, Use Case 2024

Have you ever heard a song that left you completely in awe of it? You love everything about it: the melody, the tune, the chorus, and the lyrics. However, you can’t really grasp the singer’s intention behind the song.

This is where Songtell enters the picture!

In this article, we will tell you everything that Songtell AI is about, how to use it, and some of its alternatives.

Part 1: Songtell - Discover Musical Insights

Songtell is an online platform that uses advanced AI technology to reveal the deep meanings behind your favorite song lyrics. This way, you can truly understand what your favorite artists are trying to express.

The best part is that all these interpretations are stored in a handy library for easy access!

Here are some of Songtell’s features:

● Almost 39,000 songs

● A search feature for AI song meaning by artist, song title, or keyword

● You can create and share a playlist

● It has a handy mobile app

Part 2: Songtell AI Use Case

To give you a clear idea of how Songtell works, here are 2 examples:

● For instance, the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day often leaves users wondering what the artist is referring to.

According to Songtell, “The song refers to the death of the narrator's father, which occurred seven years before September ended.

● Another example is “As It Was” by Harry Styles.

Songtell states, “The singer acknowledges that they cannot return to the way things were, but they can make the best of their current situation and find a new way to move forward.”

Part 3: How to Install and Use Songtell AI?

If you want to download Songtell for your PC, download it from a reliable source to minimize the risk of malware.

That’s why we recommend using UltFone Toolkit.

UltFone Toolkit has a feature called AI Toolbox. Using it, you can download any software directly from the official source. You don't have to worry about accidentally downloading the wrong version or getting stuck with malware.

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Here are the steps you need to follow to Voicemod download:

Part 4: Songtell Alternatives

If you’re not using Songtell, here are 7 of its alternatives:

1. AI Lyrics Generator

AI Lyrics Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create original song lyrics.


● Can generate lyrics in different genres, including pop, rock, etc.

● Can create lyrics based on prompts about topic, mood, and theme.

2. DeepBeat

DeepBeat is a software that generates rap lyrics using AI.


● Can create old or new-school rap lyrics.

● You can add keywords to the lyrics.

3. Lyricallabs

Lyricallabs is an AI-powered songwriting tool that helps you come up with genuine ideas for song lyrics.


● An in-built smart dictionary that suggests related words to help users finish their lyrics.

● Creates lyrics in any genre or style.

4. Staccato

Staccato is a mobile app that helps people learn to play the piano with AI-generated feedback.


● Provides personalized instructions for improvement.

● Has lessons for beginners and advanced pianists.

5. Call Me Fred

Call Me Fred is a mobile app that helps you discover the true meanings behind your favorite song lyrics.


● Has more than 30,000 songs in its library.

● Song meanings are generated by AI and reviewed by human editors.

6. Song Meanings and Facts

Song Meanings and Facts is a website that provides interpretations of song lyrics and facts about songs and their artists.


● It has more than a million songs in its database.

● Has information about the history of the songs and artists.

7. TuneBat

TuneBat is an online music analysis tool that helps users discover BPM (beats per minute) and key information for songs.


● Helps analyze the energy, danceability, and happiness of a song.

● Offers DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing.


Songs can be therapeutic for some people! That’s why they want to dig deeper to understand the meaning behind a song.

This is where Songtell comes in handy! In this article, we have talked about downloading and using Songtell, complete with some alternative tools.

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