Cookie Policy

To keep our trustful customers updated and secure, it is our utmost duty to keep you informed about every private and public details. The cookie policy is applicable to every UltFone product or service. The details regarding the policy are covered in this section.

What Is A Cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of alphanumeric texts that help us enhance your web browsing experience. The cookies are received as you log into the site or use the application. They are helpful in remembering your preferences and choices for later visits so that you can have a friendly experience.

The two major types of cookies used by UltFone include session and persistent cookies. As the name suggests, session cookies are wiped out after each session, while the persistent ones stay in your history until they expire.

UltFone also uses some third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, to ensure that the users have the best experience.

About Google Analytics

These are cookies offered by Google Inc., which aim to analyze and track the website traffic. The primary goal of the cookies is to provide valuable insights for future changes in the website or content. The cookies don't reveal your personal details, such as your IP address, so you don't have much to worry about.

Cookies used by UltFone Inc.

There are several different types of cookies that UltFone would need to ensure a good user experience.

Essential Cookies

These are cookies that aim to enhance the privacy and security of the website. It helps us with appropriate information that is useful in maintaining your privacy. For instance, the data collected for ID authentication helps us track any strange IP addresses that log in to your account.

Functional Cookies

These are cookies that contain information regarding your preferences and choices. For example, a selection of language may be retained for future use.

In order to avoid such situations, we highly recommend you to carefully read the overview and guide page on UltFone official website, and download the free version for trial before purchasing the product.

Performance Improvement Cookies

These cookies help us understand and analyze user behavior, which can be fruitful in making future changes. The data of consumer interaction with the website can help us identify any obstacles in a user-friendly experience.

The correct approach is that you should cancel automatic subscription by contacting the UltFone support team before the renewal date or cancel it yourself by referring to the FAQ guide on UltFone official website or directly contacting the third-party payment platform. 

Cookies in Mobile Devices

Smartphones share similar cookie usage as computers. Whenever a user logs in UltFone site, we receive cookies that identify the user's device and our apps' activities.

Changes to The Cookie Policy

We may update this policy from time to time. Any significant changes will be well noticed on our website.