How to Clean Up iTunes Music Library -- Free Download and Try

Need to Clean Up Your iTunes Library?

"My iTunes library is totally a mess. I have as many as 4 copies of several songs, many other songs missed information, and I even have an over the limit warning in my used space on the iPhone. How to clean up iTunes music library?"

Duplicate tracks, unnamed albums a disarray of miscellaneous songs and audio files, mislabeled music - if those words describe your iTunes music library, you are in an urgent need to clean up iTunes.

Follow the guide below and you can easily and quickly fix your iTunes library (such as iTunes 12, 11), including to delete duplicates, fix mislabeled songs with song name, artist info, album, track, genre and more. All these apply to the iTunes music library for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to Clean Up iTunes Music Library? - Free Software You Should Have on Windows

To tidy up iTunes songs efficiently, we highly recommend Any Music Cleanup, which is the most professional clean up iTunes library software. It is can either complete songs' information to fix missing and mislabeled music, or indentify and clean up iTunes duplicates to free up valuable space. Thus this music cleaner makes your iTunes music files tidy and well organized.

Music Cleanup is the Windows version which can clean up iTunes library on Windows 8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Free download and install it on your PC first.

Here is the guide to show you how to use it to organize iTunes library.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

  • 1. Run Music Cleanup. In the interface, "iTunes Music Clean" is the default mode. Click "Start Scan" to scan the whole iTunes library.

  • 2. After the scanning is over, Music Cleanup will list the scan result, showing you how many undefined songs and how many song duplicates. Select "Duplicate songs" on the left on the interface. Choose one song and all files of the same music will show up in the right column. Click "Clear Duplicate" to remove the songs to trash.

How to Fix Missing or Mislabeled Music in iTunes Library

  • 1. In the scanning result, select "Undefined Songs" on the left and you can view all the undefined music. Choose one song and its information will show in the right column. Click "Identify" in the status bar.

  • 2. Music Cleanup will intelligently find all the artist info, album artwork, song name, genre, year, etc. Check the information and click "Apply". You can also manually edit the info in any way you want by clicking the Pencil icon.

It only takes you within several minutes or even several seconds to finish all iTunes library cleanup process. After you arrange iTunes library, you can transfer iTunes library to a new computer if you like.