How to Find and Delete Hidden Large Files on iPhone

The time you find your iPhone is running out of storage space, you would assume that there are too many unused apps, duplicated photos or large videos taking up the space. However, chances are that it is "Hidden Files" that makes your iPhone run slow, and it is hard to view and access the hidden large files on iPhone. They are produced from movie/files/video deletion, from which some unknown trash leaves on your iOS where you may not aware. These hidden big files are very rarely used but they stay in your phone for quite a long time, actually until, you don't remove them yourself.

What Should We Do?

Our iPhone devices keep on storing these files in hidden way every day and do not automatically clean to have more storage. The problem with having these large files is not only that they take up lots of memory space, but also they can actually slow down your iPhone as well! It's time to delete those unknown large files and free up storage space on iPhone 7 (Plus)/SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5/4s/4. Here I recommend you Tenorshare iCareFone, an iPhone cleaner freeware, to solve this problem.

How to Clean iPhone Hidden Big Files with Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone, the best iPhone memory cleaner freeware, is well-known for its great utility in finding and deleting hidden movie files/video files/unknown large files on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Totally free in speeding up your device and freeing up more space. To get started, please download and launch it first.

Step1. Launch Tenorshare iCareFone, and then go to the function section of "Speedup&Clean" in the main interface. Then move to "Quick Scan" to do scan on your iPhone.

Step2. After scanning, you can see the hidden large files occupying your iDevice, click "Clean" right alongside the section of "Large Files" to proceed.

(Tips: Also it offered you solution in Photos and Apps cleaning in iPhone)

Step3. Then Tenorshare iCareFone will list all big files that take up your device storage space. Most of them are hidden large files such as Video and Audio files.

Then choose the items you want to cancel and click "Backup & Delete". Then Tenorshare iCareFone would backup and cancel these large files for you.

Within several simple steps, you can find and delete large files on iPhone, including temp files, junk files and other videos/audio. For more, please visit our website. Hope you have a great time in iPhone big files clean with Tenorshare iCareFone.