How to Use UltFone Data Recovery WinPE

Lost data because you can't boot up your computer? Need to recover data from dead hard drive? Data Recovery WinPE lets you boot your computer from a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive and then recover lost data from crashed, corrupt, dead hard drive. The whole process can be divided into three steps: Burn ISO image file to CD/DVD/USB flash drive, boot up Windows operating system with bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive, and recover data.

Part 1. Burn a Bootable Disk

Step 1. Prepare an empty USB. Free download Data Recovery WinPE on a workable computer, and connect a blank USB or CD/DVD to the computer

Step 2. Launch Data Recovery WinPE and choose your device from the drop-down menu. Here we will take USB flash drive for example. Then click "Burn" button to start burning ISO image file to your device.

recover deleted files from unbootable hard drive

It appears a window says it will reformat your USB flash drive if your USB drive hasn't been reformatted yet, click "Yes" to confirm.

rescue files from unbootable pc

Step 3. Click "OK" when the burning task is completed. Now you can boot up operating system with bootable USB flash drive.

recover deleted files from unbootable laptop

Part 2. Boot up Computer with the Bootable Disk

Step 1. After creating bootable media, you will need to set the computer to BIOS. Restart your crashed computer and enter BIOS with the BIOS function keys.

Note: The BIOS function key differs based on manufacturers, but F2, F10, F12 or Delete are the most common keys. You can also refer to the right top corner or the bottom of the screen for the BIOS function key.

Step 2. Use the arrow keys to select Boot tab, and then select CD/DVD/USB disk from the list and then hit "Enter".

recover files from unbootable pc

Part 3. Recover Data with Data Recovery WinPE

Step 1: After loading, you will see the interface of Data Recovery WinPE. It provides you with 6 data recovery modes. Choose the appropriate option for you according to your situation and scan the disk the disk you want to find all your lost files.

Deleted Recovery: Retrieve data that you accidentally deleted.

Formatted Recovery: Recover files from formatted partition or drive.

Partition Recovery: Recover lost files and folders from lost, deleted, resized, or damaged partition.

RAW Recovery: Recover files with deep scan. It guarantees 100% recovery rate.

Resume Recovery: Simply import the previous scan result and resume data recovery without a second scan.

Wizard Recovery: For beginner, it is easier to use this mode to perform data recovery.

recover files from pc won't boot

Step 2. After scanning, preview the lost files one by one and click Recover button to restore your files.