2 Easy Ways to Turn off and Reboot iPhone X

The first problem when you receive your new iPhone X may be how to shut down iPhone X since pressing and holding Side button (Power button) only calls Siri. Actually, many gesture changes have happened to iPhone X, the first iPhone to ditch Home button, to enable the edge-to-edge display. Here are two easy ways to shut down and reboot iPhone X, which work equally for stuck iPhone X or iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus with broken Power button.

How to Turn off iPhone X?

Method 1. Switch off iPhone X Using Buttons

You can certainly power off iPhone X using buttons. Do as follows:
Press and hold the Power button (Side button) and Volume Up button at the same time. Once you do this, it will bring up Slide to power off screen. Then you just need to swipe the toggle to the right to turn off iPhone X.

shut down iphone x with button

Method 2. Power off iPhone X without Power Button

Is there any other way to turn off iPhone X without Power button (Side button)? As iPhone X is running iOS 11, you get a new option to switch off iPhone X: you can turn off iPhone X from Settings app. This method also works great for those who have to power off iPhone with broken Power Button.

Open Settings, select General, scroll down to the bottom and find Shut Down, tap it. This will bring up the “Slide to power off” screen. Swipe it to right to shut down iPhone X.

turn off iphone x without power button

How to Force Restart iPhone X?

Method 1. Reboot iPhone X Using Buttons

Generally, you can turn on your iPhone X by pressing and holding the Power button when your device is powered off. You can also turn it back if you connect iPhone X to a power source via a lighting cable.

Method 2. Force Restart iPhone X without Power Button

There are so many occasions where you need to hard reboot iPhone X when Power button is broken or force restart iPhone X when stuck or frozen. You can restart iPhone X via UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) within two clicks and it won’t cause any data loss.

1. Download and install UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot). Connect your iPhone X to PC/Mac via lighting cable. Launch Reiboot.

2. Click “Enter Recovery Mode”. It will put your device into recovery mode.

enter recovery mode

3. Click “Exit Recovery Mode”. It will get iPhone X out of recovery mode and restart iPhone X at the same time.

exit recovery mode

Bottom Line

This article introduces 2 ways to shut down and hard reset iPhone X with or without Power Button. If you need to restart iPhone X when lock button doesn’t work, the second restart method can absolutely solve your problem. It also works when iPhone X is stuck or frozen. If you get other iPhone troubles, please leave us a message.